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  (New Egypt, New Jersey)
Newly hatching Americana chicks!
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Rhode Island Red Chickens For Sale

We have Rhode Island Red chickens that were hatched on April 28th for sale. They are all fully feathered and are living outside. They should start laying at the end of October, and continue steadily during the winter. You would have to pick them up. They are $6 each.




Rhode Island Red chicks hatching!

We have Rhode Island Red chicks hatching on Friday, May 28th. If anyone is interested in purchasing chicks, call for arrangments. Chicks must be picked up in New Egypt and 3 must be purchased. Chickens are social creatures! The fluff balls are $3 each.

21 new red heads!

We had 21 chicks hatch Friday and Saturday. 14 eggs didn't hatch, still a great number did. Best hatch we have had yet! We will have lots of Brown eggs this winter. We are saving Rhode Island eggs for another incubator full. Hopefully the next hatch will be as good.

Incubator peeping once again!

We have a incubator full of Rhode Island Red eggs from our "red head girls" and our "studly" RIR rooster. The first peeps and chirps were heard tonight. It is always exciting to get new chicks!
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