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News Bleep from the Wild - Biotopia # 20 - July 12th, 2012

News Bleep from the Wild - Biotopia - # 20 - July 12th, 2012

Hello my friends of the Wild Greens!!!

What a sunny Summer we have - and still, today I went to my favorite creek and picked my dinner - Oyster mushrooms - enough for a good meal and then some =)

We just passed the Independence Day - and 'Independence' comes to my mind, when I am using the Wild Greens and the Mushrooms that grow in my neighborhood - locally. And it is part of my freedom. I decided to stop this business of looking 'out there' for change and freedom in my life - it is right here - tata - surprise =) it just took a bit to get where I am now ... and what is 'time' anyhow???

Enough of the philosophical line - back to the basics:
what you have growing right in front of your nose - or in other words, what is growing on your property or in front of your house? have a look - that is what is offered by Mother Nature to partake of. Those Plant sisters and brothers in our direct neighborhood are offering their help, abundance, vitality, nutrients and medicinal values....I am sure I forgot some values...

here is an example from our front yard: lots of Broadleaf Plantain (Plantago maior) is growing at the front and the back of our house - so I decided to harvest the youngest leaves and some Red Clover (Trifolium pratensis) flowers  and make a Pesto out of it - I added Olive oil, Coconut oil, sprouted Sunflowerseeds, soaked Almonds without the brown skin, lemon juice from an organic lemon and a pinch of Cayenne pepper - every ingredient combined in a blender and thoroughly processed. Filled up in 2 pint canning jars, this Plantain Pesto is now in my fridge to be used - because I added Coconut oil, the Pesto is on the firm side when I take it out of the fridge and spread it on a slice of home baked bread with sprouted grains. Sometimes I top the Pesto with a slice of raw Cheddar cheese - a wonderful filling and healthy snack.
I harvested the leaves of the Plantain on a leaf day according to the astrological Moon calendar, which was on a day of Scorpio, also a water day. I had started last year with getting acquainted with the wisdom and usage of the moon calendar and it is fascinating to me how accurate it is. As we all know, Grandmother Moon has a great influence on the life of this, 'our' Planet, actually upon all aspects of life.
Another example that you can try: Have you ever noticed that eggshells crack differently when the moon is waxing and when it is waning? Those little details make life even more interesting, in my view and then of course my role as the observer....

OOpsa - this News Bleep has a life of its own - originally I had envisioned a totally different subject, but with the Independence 'it' all changed.

I had asked the question: why is the White Clover tougher in its consistency then the Red Clover - did you take a close look? did you look where the White Clover is actually growing in your yard? When you go outside, make it a point to discover the locations where the two types of Clover are growing! and inspect how the White Clover plants are spreading .... that says a lot. If you have the answer, please e-mail it to me.. thanks - I love feedback =)

Have you seen all the different kinds of berries??? The Salmon berries (Rubus spectabilis) are in their prime here in the Bald Hills. The Huckleberries (Vaccinium parvifolium)  are getting ripe - remember: if the one bush you are picking from doesn't taste sweet enough, go to the next one - every bush tastes different - try it! The Trailing Blackberries (Rubus ursinus) are also coming on as well as the Blackcaps (Rubus leucodermis) and of course the Raspberries (Rubus ideaus) and I almost forgot the Thimbleberries (Rubus parviflorus) .
It's time to make some jams and jellies, if you do that. I prefer eating the berries fresh or freeze them - Try this experiment: eat your Raspberries or Cherries fresh from the bush and pick some that you let sit for an hour or more before consuming them - what difference does it make? surprise yourself!

The majority of our fruits are in the family of the Roses (Rosaceae) - like the Raspberries, Blackberries and Apples, Cherries and Peaches as well as Apricots. Why am I pointing this out?  All, literally all, of those fruits contain Vitamin B17 or Laetril and Cyanid in their seeds and pits. The vitamin was discovered by Dr. Ernest T. Krebs, Jr. in 1950 and became the cure for treating cancer (by the way the name German name 'Krebs' literally translates into 'Cancer') - our Grandmothers used to carefully crush the seeds of cherries, apples, apricots and other fruits of the Rose family and diligently mix them with the jams and preserves - bless our Grandma's! Centuries ago our ancestors used to eat millet bread, rich in Vitamin B 17, but now the majority of the people chew their way through wheat which has none at all.
Without going into too much detail, I like to report, that the vitamin is harmless to healthy tissue, but destroys cancerous cells - so eat your apple whole, seeds and all! - if you have the thought of: 'if I eat that, then I'll die' (your mind is very you may have noticed ;)..... let me tell you: you have to eat a quart of apple seeds in order to start passing to the other dimension .. can you imagine eating that many apple seeds??? open up those Cherry pits and eat them... When we still had some Indian Plum fruits around (they are now all consumed by either myself or the birds) I even cracked the pits and ate the soft interior, which tasted only faintly like cyanide... the shell of the pits are very thin, so I allowed myself to crack them with my teeth.
If you like the scientific explanation for the effects of Vitamin B17, Laetril - google it or e-mail me and I'll send you an article.

The last weeks for me have been about "Testing recipes" - "Elderberry flowers dipped in pancake dough and baked in the frying pan" - have you ever tried it? I did it for breakfast and almost gave up... I had added two eggs to the mix and the dough had a hard time sticking to the flowers..... so finally I thinned the dough a little more and picked the flowers into smaller clusters, dipped them in the dough and baked them - this way they tasted really good - it sounded so simple, but cooking is an Art! - looks like next time I will add only one egg to the dough.
And then there was that photo on Facebook: Flowers in ice cubes....looking so enticing ... sure, I filled up the ice-cube-mold with water and added some pretty flowers to it.... what was the result???? any idea? The flowers 'without exception' were floating on the water - so how do you get those flowers into the water??? A friend of mine suggested that I fill the mold only halfway with water, add the flower and freeze it, then add the rest of the water and freeze again - so I did that - result: some flowers are in the middle of the ice cube, but some flowers and petals still rose to the top and all the cubes now look whitish --- I am very thankful for any help with getting those flowers into an ice cube that is transparent - so my ice cubes look as 'good' as those on Facebook... so if you have any ideas, please share them with me!! Thank you !!! and I will report the results in the next News Bleep.

Remember to eat the root of the Burdock plant, the one that is in its first year. I just dug one on Monday - in order to get the whole root, it is necessary to free the root from the surrounding soil, then gently pull ... if the plant is firm in the ground, dig more space around the root and try wiggle again - if you leave part of the root in the ground, it will grow back next year - which is actually 'not so bad'  =)

Whats new at the farm? Our turkey hens have some chicks! In May the hens had disappeared into the forest and came only once per week for food.. so I wondered, but didn't expect to see them coming with their little chicks into our front yard. And there they were: the white hen with one chick and the light brown one had five. The latter has now 3 left - the life for a turkey baby in the wild is we'll see how many will grow to their full size this year.

And what workshops are being offered? Be-come your own Herbalist and discover the world of Local Wild Edibles - Wednesday, July 18th and Thursday, July 26th from 10 AM until 3 PM : how do you approach the subject of being your own herbalist and add Wild Edible Plant food to your diet? What Plants are edible and how? and what medicinal value do they have? Come and find out in this hands-on workshop. It is easier then you think.... I mentor beginning as well as more advanced participants - be assured: you will learn a lot!

 ---- you can always custom design your workshop at Biotopia or at your place, almost anytime - and/or ask for a consultation regarding the abundance of Wild Food / Medicine on your property!

until our next meeting :
be well, wild and only the best !

from Christine and family at Biotopia - Farm & Forage

Feel free to forward this News Bleep to an interested friend or two ... help spread the word! Thank you !!!

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you can take a deep breath, exhale,
and know that nothing need be done."

"To know the Truth within you requires you to stop, look and listen....
It is the same advice every loving parent gives to his or her children."
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