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News Bleep from the Wild - Biotopia # 17 - May 12th, 2012

News Bleep from the Wild - Biotopia - # 17 - May 12th, 2012

Hello my friends of the Wild Greens!

Welcome to our next News Bleep form the Wild / Biotopia - Farm & Forage ! Can you feel the changes in the air? I personally take more time to look inside for answers - as we all know, all answers are inside of us - we just  have to keep asking questions or have others ask the questions -

Do you remember the little green eggs from the photo I sent out in the last News Bleep? These are soooo tasty and their prime time is over now: they are normally hanging way up high in a tree so one can't get to it - but the icy storm in January brought some branches to the ground and I enjoyed a whole lot of these eggs as I walked by and gathered some for the salad - these eggs actually elongate into the flowers of the Bigleaf Maple tree and you can enjoy them also when they are in full bloom - so, keep an eye out for these treats!

It is amazing: this year I find a lot of different Wild Edibles in the forest and on the meadows - it seems that the longer I forage the more variety I find. There is such an abundance out here - I wish that everyone could enjoy this bounty ... well, one day ...
And the more I eat of the wild greens, the closer I get to Mother Nature - I am living in Gratitude and Simplicity.

Do you know a dead Alder tree in your neighborhood that bears Oyster Mushrooms? if the answer is YES, then it is high time to check on them - this Monday I went to one of my spots and there was a nice big flush on the tree - I harvested only some of the mushrooms for the next couple meals and promised myself to come back again. ... so I went back on Wednesday evening and I almost didn't believe what I saw: the mushrooms were mostly dried out - no surprise, really you say, 'cause we had this really hot weather on Monday and Tuesday - okay, so I just harvested some almost dry ones and found some new growth on the north side of the tree - "lucky Me" ... at home I dried the mushrooms in the dehydrator and I'll use them later in the year, especially in the winter.
Did you know that you can increase the Vitamin D levels in the Oyster Mushrooms, actually any mushroom you consume? After you harvested them, place the mushrooms upside down = gills facing up into the sun for a good hour - and then you can prepare them for your meals or dry them. Mushrooms are a natural provider of Vitamin D. - so "let's go picking!"

Living close to nature and in nature brings a lot of healing into my life - thank you Carole, for letting me borrow one of your Anastastia books - the 'Rites of Love' - I remembered reading it almost 4 years ago. Reading it now makes me realize that the time for bringing all aspects of myself home is Now - now I am creating the space of love in what ever I am doing - more consciously with every day, sometimes every moment - wow - welcome to Life and Love !

and now back to another important plant in our life: the Horsetail (Equisetum arvensis). In my garden I have a lot of those growing - first came the shoots that are spreading the pollen. And now we can find the little infertile, green trees everywhere. As long as the Horsetail plant has its arms pointing up into the air, we can use them for healing and nutritional purposes - once the arms are bending down to the ground, the vitality of the plant is going back into the roots and shall not be harvested any more.
What benefits does the Horsetail have? when I first discovered Horsetail for myself, my kidneys were sending me signals to pay attention to them - and here was the Horsetail growing in my garden - turns out, that the Horsetail supports the functioning of the kidneys - so I started making Infusions with it and then vinegars.
Horsetail contains the following minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and silica - and more. Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy all those minerals lab made at the store? and horsetail just grows in your back yard for free!!! All the silica in the Horsetail will make your hair and nails healthy and fast growing too! When the plants let their arms hang down, the silica crystals have grown big and can irritate kidneys and bladder - so make sure you harvest the plant when it has its arms reaching into the air!
(if you ever dug out a horsetail plant you know how long the roots are and how deep they reach into the ground and you can even eat those roots)
I am aware that I am repeating myself, but it turns out that the plants that are growing in our neighborhood are mostly the ones that are having a message for us and can help us heal our bodies -

How to incorporate Horsetail into your daily nutrition? Horsetail vinegar is a great way - fill a quart jar with horsetail that you twist into smaller pieces, pour apple cider vinegar over it, screw a lid that can't rust on the jar and place it into a brown paper bag - now keep the vinegar with the herbs in a warm (not hot) place and shake once in a while. After six weeks you can either decant the vinegar or you keep the herbs in the vinegar while using it. The vinegar helps to extract the nutrients - so you really have a
nutritious herbal vinegar - and you made it yourself! You can also dry Horsetail and then add a pinch to every cup of tea you make.
For an infusion fill a jar with Horsetail twisted into smaller pieces, cover them with hot water, screw a lid on top to prevent nutrients from escaping with the steam, place in a brown paper bag and after 4 hours of steeping, the infusion is ready to be consumed - simply pour off the liquid and enjoy the benefits of a homemade elixir.

Did you know your teeth can re-mineralize and re-enamalize themselves? They are alive and can heal! Weston Price found in the 1930's how to reverse dental decay in children and adults. by mainly using nutrition. He concluded that our teeth require two things: fat soluble vitamins A and D, and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and silica. For the first we're lucky to have Dandelions and a lot of other 'weeds', Mushrooms, oily fish, butter fat and marrow filled soup bones, and for the second we have horsetail - can it get any better then this?
If you want to dive deeper into the world of healing your teeth via nutrition, I recommend the book "Cure tooth decay, heal and prevent cavities with nutrition", written by Ramiel Nagel.

And what about all those weeds that are growing on our farm? - I like to share a contemplation from herbalist Susun S. Weed : "Abundance of Weeds - There are an abundance of weeds in my garden. If I let them grow, my tomatoes would suffer. I must remove one abundance in order to cultivate another. Abundance requires attention. One abundance may prevent another abundance. I don't really weed my garden, though; I harvest the weeds for food and medicine. Using my weeds gives me abundance in abundant ways. I save about $500 a year by eating my weeds instead of buying greens and vegetables. I save more than $2000 a year by eating my weeds instead of buying vitamin and mineral supplements. And I can't even guess at how much I save by using weeds as my primary health care."

I have signed up for the 30 day sit spot challenge with the Kamana studies of the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, which started on May first. Sit spots are a great way to connect ourselves to nature and our natural surroundings. Amazing how all the senses are tuned up and are working so differently in nature and we become more quiet and peaceful as a result of it - in my workshops I am integrating sit spots as well as meditation and healing circles and sometimes games - its about time to integrate all the wisdom I gained over the decades on this planet to make every Wild Food Walk a Wholesome Experience =)

What workshops are being offered? "Wild Food Walk and Feast" - we are getting to know a whole bunch of wild edibles/medicinal plants and integrate the habit of looking really closely to make sure to identify them over and over again. We take our baskets along and pick the ingredient for our salad as well as vinegars and infusions. Some awareness exercises and meditations nudge as into close contact with nature and ourselves. Back at the house, we are having our feast.
The next workshop is on Saturday, May 19th from 10 AM until 4 PM.

On Saturday, May 26th starting at 6 PM, I am inviting you all to a Celebration of Life with food, fun and fire and on Sunday, May 27th, we are hiking to Fossil Rock - a very special place.
Feel free to contact me to arrange a private workshop here or at your place -

until our next meeting :
be well, wild and only the best !

from Christine and family at Biotopia - Farm & Forage

Feel free to forward this News Bleep to an interested friend or two ... help spread the word! Thank you !!!

"Love can only extend Love !"

"When you truly know the Love that you are,
there are no barriers to expressing it."
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