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End of June Update

It has certainly been a while since my last update.  I apologize for the delay!  Things have been going very, very busy, and very, very well at the Summer Smiles Honey Farm! 

My plan B from the April blog was in order to take care of my CSA members, I needed to replace the stock of honey bees that I lost over the winter.  That was a major priority.  Early on in May, I purchased 10 full hives, that are survivor stock from the local area, from a beekeeper that was getting out of the business.  With out my very special hive sponsors, I could not have acquired those hives.  I still cannot thank them enough!!!  

The goal in April was to pray for steady warm weather so the apple and locust blossoms would not see frost and to set up the new hives at the farm by the May.  The apple and pear blossoms were amazing and I have never seen locust blooms, like I saw this year!!  I couldn't have asked for a better spring for the honey bees!

I was also pushing for a spring honey harvest, something I have never done in my six years of beekeeping.  I did it!  Just last week I the pulled light and delicate spring harvest off of the hives!  All CSA members received a 2 1/2 pound jar of the light golden raw honey! 

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a share.  I found extreme delight extracting, bottling, and labeling that honey, thinking about each one of you that took a chance on me.  Many of you don't even really know me, and the support you have shown me is just truly sweet!  Thank you! :)

Looking back now, reading the last blog, I am so grateful for all that has happened and all we were able to do!  "Thank you, Lord!" is all I can say.  

The 5 nucs (nucleus coloy, 1/4 of a hive) that I ordered this past winter, were delivered very late.  I got them set up 2 weeks ago.  It is time for me to do an inspection.  Hopefully I will find that all is well and the nucs have eggs and a laying queen.  

The fields were I seed that special clover seed mix, are buzzing!  If you have not seen crimson clover, it is just stunning!

As for the CSA honey, I am hoping to harvest more with in the next few weeks.  There were several boxes of honey that were not able to be harvested with the initial batch, it just wasn't ready.  If its meant to be, I'll be harvesting that honey soon!  Until next time!

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