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Another blog?

For our regular readers of our wordpress blog they are familiar with posts that sometimes highlight gifts, sometimes shares why we do this, sometimes shares a recipe, or what the rabbits or poultry is doing or plans and upcoming events. It sometimes touches on the book that highlights community and is another core reason why we do what we do.Sometimes it is just to offer a perspective about the economy or post something inspirational or to make readers think about something just for a few minutes.  We may touch on home food processing or a look to the past. Sometimes just a thought! Sometimes it explains things we take for granted knowing because it's a common part of our life. History and "back where we come from" is another occasional post.


Along with this farm blog there's a food blog with more particulars to food itself. So why this one? Partly to highlight things readers here might enjoy  specific to the niche market. We all have perspectives and opinions and a variety of views - but also all have in common that we eat.

Small is an option here. We don't envision ever having 300,000 laying hens or hogs or anything else. That may not be a bad thing for some - it allows inexpensive food for those who can't afford our options. Community, enjoying what we do and wanting to share it with others are key points.

Welcome - look over our site. Sit down, pour a drink and if it's a cold rainy morning there like it is here, wrap in a blanket and take a trip without leaving your chair. The blogs also share many photos too!

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