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Happy New Year

It is only a slow season in comparison - but very busy in planning! 2011 holds some expansions, as highlighted in our other blog. Our poultry flock will have more Dominiques added and some Rhode Island Reds. We're looking forward to having ducks and turkey in 2011 and that means a flurry of activity getting brooders done, splitting pens and working furiously to make sure everyone is housed safely. 


It also means keeping an eye towards garden plans, with some new pepper varieties ordered, and some surprises.

We'll also be serving the Nashville Tennessee general area with custom raised beds. Some don't want the work of setting up the beds, so we bring the frame, soil, seeds and set up - and you the customer are in charge of watering, pest control and harvest. This way you know for sure there were no chemicals used on your garden. You see your food grow. We will be starting seeds under cold frames next month for our own gardens and customers.


Revamping chicken housing is also high on the list, and expansion to allow for selling eggs locally. It's slow going in some ways but rapidly growing in others! 

The Year of the Rabbit is also a year to focus on our beautiful Giant Chinchillas. We're hoping to attend the American Rabbit Breeders Convention later this year with some of our rabbits. The does swill be put under lights soon and we hope to have babies all over in the spring. 

A pair of the Muscovy ducks has separated themselves off naturally and has been given their own private quarters. We hope to have some Muscovies this year - and should have some meat ducks for those interested.


There is much to come in 2011! Join us for the ride!

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