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Looking ahead to 2011

A sensible approach every winter is looking at what worked and what didn't work this year. What worked - can we improve? What didn't work - can we fix it or is it better to chuck it altogether? 

Sometimes this isn't what we think the result will be - example was raising chicks outside - even with a protected area chain link/poultry netting/netting over top we lost far too many birds vs alternatives. A brooder will be constructed this winter and next year's birds will be under cover until several months old. 


Sometimes it's what went right - and the raised bed revision this year went right! There's always new ideas to try.

We're working on promotions and ideas for the new year...although it's a few months away to spring there's seed orders and other things being done and working towards expansions. This is in addition to the 'normal' holiday activities. It'll be a tight Christmas for us this year but we're blessed with what we have.

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