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Deer and Goats, a deadly combo.

We have deer worm in our goats. This little critter will paralyze a goat, so the goat will die sooner or later. NOT FUN, but tear dripping hard work. Who is responsible for the deer????
If my goats damage somebody else animals would I not have to pay????

So who owns the ....Deer???

This is not only costing time, money, loss of animals, but also sleep and energy.

We have to bring every goat and sheep back to the farm, and give the shots for 7 days, then 5 days of oral drench. Not a lot of work, since we only have about 60 head, but ........It cost some money too, so there went the extra money that we where hoping for.

I know I sound mad, but I am frustrated, to no end. To look at the 3 lame goats in the barn, and know it can be half of our herd by the time this is over, well I do not know about you, but it hurts.

We do not have many people to ask to help us, so we are kind of on our own.


It is raining, It is pouring, and we need to cut hay.

So what do we do when it is so hard to dry hay??? Well, we can bale it moist,and then wrap it in plastic, air tight. This way it ensilage it self. Not a commonly used method around here, but used other places where drying hay is like this, rain every other day. 

But you need a different type of round baler to bale up this wetter hay, and we do not have one. So now we have to think........

I am not sure what we should do, the hay sales are down, so there went the extra, but it is farming.


No More Rain, Please.

We need sun and wind, so we can finish up our haying season, before freeze up. The way this is going, we will be haying past freeze up. I do not think that is going to be too fun. I am sure the tractors will not over heat at that time, but it is kind of different. 

Weeding and mulching is still an ongoing job. 

Fence building needs to start by it self, so if someone have s machine for that, can I borrow it???????

Time is not on our side, we are 2 adults with 2 small children, and we have too much to do, so things do not always get done the way we wish it should. But we do work on or for our farm about 18 hours a day. Still we feel we are in a stand still.

Until next time, I am heading out to weed.


$350 Saved!!!!

Our MF1155 busted a back tire, but we use only single wheels, so we had the extra once sitting in the shed. Any tire fixing outfit wanted some money to come out and swap the busted tire with the used one. But right now cash is short, no hay sold yet, so Bob saved us $350 by doing it himself. I had sprayed the nuts with BLAST!!! Some kind of rust looser earlier today, and it helped. In 2 hours the wheels was switched around, by using only hand power. Some times is it neat to be a handyman.

Other that that, neighbors are harvesting barley, and they had a good crop. The price was also good he said, so we are happy for them. At 4:20 am this morning, their sprayer flew out of their yard, I was up with the little guy, so that is how come I know. So when I saw one of the neighbors today, I had to stop him and see if he was awake still. Not him, but on of the other guys, that work for them, came to work at 4am to run the sprayer before it got too warm today. Here is the reason why early bird; their brand new machine, the sprayer, over heats when the temp gets over 75¤F. Not funny in sunny ND.

Our oldest child and I found 8 chicks today, that was fun to watch. So we will make sure she has plenty to eat for her brood.


6:30am, what will I get done today???

I am curious to see, what we can accomplish today, some days it seams like nothing, but there is always something getting done.

Like yesterday, one of our automatic water had a leak, so it needed to be fixed ASAP, it could not wait. Water every where, and our livestock need fresh water now, since summer and heat finally got here. We actually have rural water, and uses it for all our watering needs, so leaking water, gets to be expensive. I know our neighbors uses rural water to fill their sprayer tanks, so they go thru alot of water. 

But back to yesterday, I know we fixed the leak, let the ponies to a bigger area, weeded, fed birds, made breakfast, lunch and supper, brought one child to Head Start, that alone takes 2 hours out of our day, due to road construction and where he goes to Head Start. Washed and hung up 2 loads of laundry, got diesel for our up coming haying, and probably some thing more, but I must have forgot it.

So we will see what today bring, of joys, cry and frustration.


Cold. just like Norge.

Do you remember the song, every were you go, you always take the weather with you???

Well, this is not fun, I got wood stoves going, long pants, shirt and it is cold outside. The only thing that grow is weeds, so this is not funny.

I can only hope for a better tomorrow.


100 Aspergus Planted.

You just make a ditch, with our home made ditcher, that Bob build to my specification, set the crowns in the right spacing, cower and water. Then you come back in a couple of weeks with the hiller, like to hill potatoes. 

I like tractors or horse drawn machinery, less hand labor, more time to do more work, or time with our children.

Other that that, a birthday party, a shopping trip, and bed.

Thank you for following our adventure.


Summer Vacation and Unemployment.

Yep, that is right, I do no longer have a job. I will probably work my butt off, but on MY TIME!!!!!!

Weeds look out, I have time to pull you out, with our machine, not by hand. 

I can get up with the sun, and go to bed with it. I have discover that I am a Day lighter. I neeeeeds lots of sleep in the winter, but lot less in summer, so 18 hrs of work is not unheard of for me in a week or two. I just have to stop to refuel, that is to eat. But I guess I will fit my size 12 pants before to long.

I am BLASTING Scandinavian Summer music, and I am flying, on the feeling of freedom. I like my job, but I need to focus on our farm, so there for no more teachers aid. Just other duties as assigned at home. JIPPI


Milking 2 goats, seeding, weeding, not enough time.

Yep, I need to milk Daisy and #25 once a day, they both give a 1/4 g together, so not bad. I freeze it in until I have a couple of gallons, then I make my cheeezzze. I like my home made cheese, so do others, I have a waiting list. Not bad, but I wish I had more time, but I guess we all do, so I might as well do the best I can with what i have. 

17 Mai.

17 Mai is Norges Nasjonal Dag, and I miss Norge on days like today. You just have to get used to it, I mean not being there, but it does not mean I like it. I try not to wast time on wish I was there, but some times..... 

This weekend we will plant berries, and more berries. So if you got nothing to do, come join us. 


Too Few Hours

I do not have enough  time in a day, so should use the night????

Naaah, I do not think so, since I neeeed lots of sleep. Baby is sleeping all night, so that helps. 

I just have to ask for help, I am not good at it, but maybe I could try. I have to think about it, so I will keep you posted.


TinkerBell has calfed.

TinkerBell had a heifer calf, so we named her Tangle Tree Ranchers' Minni TinkerBell, Minni for short. She is our smallest calf, but cutest, so our children will have much fun with her. I am sure she will grow as a calf should.

I have been putshing with the thought to pick her up every day for the next year. Maybe I could enter in weight lifting or worlds strongest woman or something like that??? Look out world here she comes, and nothing can stop her!!!! Naaah, better not, I might scare neighbors, and others. 

I guess some one in our hood, has voiced their opinion about us, and our baby, they  did not think we needed another child. I am so happy that we can keep people talking, because that forces their brain to think, without them knowing it, and there by burn calories. See I can help them loos weight.

Sometimes I wounder if we live out in the country in North Dakota, among farmers, or if that is an figment of my imagination. You know; just like that I am a smart, BLOND woman, that is to some people a figment, but not to me. I know I am smart and blond, my passport says so. 


Onother day, and another problem solved.

I had cow and ponies out last night, not fun, since our neighbor likes to call the Sheriff when they are out. But I got most of them back in. Then once that was not in was Tinkerbell, Noel and #¤###the Jumper. Bob got ##¤#¤the Jumper in a barn, so she can no longer get out. I cried when he told me, what a relief. 

I have only one child home to night, the oldest is with friends, and she gets to go swimming tomorrow. I get to haul horses to a sale, and go shopping!! At Menards, Fleet Farm, and other quality stores for a farmer. I have to find a white shirt for our youngest, so I actually have to stop at the mall. Not fun, but I will do it.


5 Calves, 1 to go.

Ramona calved today, a nice heifer calf. So now I waiting for Tinkerbell. I checked her udder, but it is not filled up enough, or swollen enough, yet. If we get some bad weather in, she can switch her body around in a short time. 

When Tinkerbell calves, the plan is to milk her, so we can have fresh milk, not store bought. We just have to milk a quart off once a day, so she will stile have enough for her calf. Can you tell I like farm animals???


CSA Ordering Deadline.

Our deadline for our CSA is coming up, and we hope for a few more than last year. We always have room for more, and improvements. 

The garlic is coming, and so are some of the other fall planted or preanual crops. I was hoping to move our aspergus plants, but no such luck yet.  Spell check is not helping me tonight, so you just have to think Norwegian and read English.

Thank you for following us, if you fell  letting us know where you live, that would give our children a map lesson.

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