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Deer and Goats, a deadly combo.

We have deer worm in our goats. This little critter will paralyze a goat, so the goat will die sooner or later. NOT FUN, but tear dripping hard work. Who is responsible for the deer????
If my goats damage somebody else animals would I not have to pay????

So who owns the ....Deer???

This is not only costing time, money, loss of animals, but also sleep and energy.

We have to bring every goat and sheep back to the farm, and give the shots for 7 days, then 5 days of oral drench. Not a lot of work, since we only have about 60 head, but ........It cost some money too, so there went the extra money that we where hoping for.

I know I sound mad, but I am frustrated, to no end. To look at the 3 lame goats in the barn, and know it can be half of our herd by the time this is over, well I do not know about you, but it hurts.

We do not have many people to ask to help us, so we are kind of on our own.

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