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One of our chicks has a very loud peep. We first noticed that when we were driving the little flock home from the post office. As the car rolled over some railroad tracks, one chick’s voice rose from the little cardboard box of birds with shrill authority and volume. He has not lost his touch. When I am feeding them or stirring up their bedding, I am always startled by his strident voice, which seems as though it were announcing an emergency. I study the little group of chicks, expecting that one of them is being squashed by something, but this is never the case. It is just our loudmouth expressing himself.

The chicks are still balls of yellow fluff, but they are growing feathers on their wings.  These birds are earthy types that are not destined for flying. When they are still so small and light, they and they flutter a little bit on their new wing feathers, flight seems almost within reach.

The ducks are amazing. They march around in a fluffy yellow herd, deciding their direction collectively. They are so vital that they vibrate as they forage for food in their little grassy yard. Soon they will be moving out of the brooder.

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