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A true joy!
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Simmering September

As the mornings are a tad cooler, I am hopeful that fall is around the corner.

October is my absolute favoirte month. I cannot wait to share great North Georgia apples, pumpkins and few south Georgia pecans with the folks around Fayette County.  I am excited to see what our local farmers bring to market. Many had to plant twice their fall crops due to a few gulley washing rains this summer.  I love knowing the inside life of our farmers. They work so hard and it is a joy to see the fruits of their labor each week.

Our first fall fundraiser will be October 10 out at Mr. Minter's farm. We will have music, full southern buffett by local chefs, farm tour and more!

Funds raised will be the 'seed'money for our new community garden which will be announced later this month! We are so excited about all the good things going on in our Lavacore movement!

Come see us at the market! Our website for lots of actiivities/info, recipes, and more is Come join us!




Wow! A true joy!

Today was our fourth official Saturday.  It had a nice rhythm about it.  I sat up under my tent, drinking lots of water and countedfolks enter the market. market. What a joy to see so many carrying  canvas bags with the intentions of carrying out local vegetables and gourmet foods.

I had a moment. My vision of a local market really happened. I saw ladies in their work out clothes, carrying their basket of goodies, and a load of fresh flowers bundled in their arms. Children taste testing peaches with the juice running down their chins.

Even the canine crowd loved the community of friends, ready to admire and pet them and include them in the conversations.

I over heard farmers talking about how they grew their squash, how they stuff it with brown rice and cheese.  Others discussed lemon cucumbers, and shallots, and onions, and garlic scapes.

Yea, it was hot, but where else can you talk to good people and good food?

It was a joy to be part of the market today. Thank all the farmers who work hard, and thank you to all the folks who appreciate good fresh food!

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