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What a year!!

This year was quite a whirlwind around here, and I am looking forward to the 2011 roller coaster soon to come!! Today was just a hint of what is to come.  Started off with some sprout experiments in the kitchen...Moonstruck is looking forward to adding this to their market choices. Then off to wrangling chicken thighs..deboning, grinding, spicing....ended up with boneless chicken thighs, ground chicken and Spicy Chicken Patties...and boy were those sausage patties a winner!!!  On sourdough with lettuce, Dijon mustard and swiss...ding, ding, ding...we have a winner!! Of course it was nice to have a success after watching all the freeze damage outside since the new greenhouse is not covered yet, polethylene is still on back order, but on the other hand I am getting a front and center lesson on what will freeze and return!!  Tango lettuce, Lacinato Kale, Sprouting Broccoli, Arugula and of course the onions are fine!!  Then everyone said "what is that humming sound" much for the low water bill...the chicken line had frozen at the wall of the house and a flood was rolling down hill flooding livestock central....ugh!  I ran to turn off the water, but the nice guys at the Water Dept put on a new cover and I could not get it off..yelled for Mike to get something to pry it off and a half hour later we had a temp fix on it.  Now off to New safe...and stick around to find out what 2011 has to offer for Moonstruck...I am not even sure...Moonstruck Signing Out!!

More rain!!

They forecasted rain...and it is raining...what a concept...something new to us here in the High Desert!.  Here I have had the rain collecting system last on the list and it should have been first!!  We have had more rain in the last 2 weeks than in the last year!! The new retaining wall my husband built is working well and the drain being lowered is great though we might lower it a little bit more.  Wow I love these retaining walls...they create new raised beds!!! A little cranberry here (yes another experiment), a little evergreen here for Christmas bouquets, some more lilac, some more lavender!!! Okay, I am ready to do the other 500 feet ....lets go....oh yeah... I have to save my money to finish the 20 x 100 greenhouse going up (polyethylene is on backorder), but then it is up and going!!! Corrals need to be picked up as soon as the roads dry out!! Goat pens need to be increased...have my eye on a few more Nigerian Dwarfs!!  Deciding on sheep breeds while waiting to put up grazing many fun projects and only 24 hours in a day, but the dirt moves now!!!  Another new concept to us....I did days worth of work in just hours!!  Moonstruck signing out...time to process chickens!!

What a beautiful day!

Wow, what a day.  This is my favorite time of year to work outside...yes I know that does not follow the norm, but I am a winter person and I love working hard and not pouring sweat.  45 degrees with no wind is perfect working weather!!  I don't get wiped by the heat and I can keep a steady pace up for 6-7 hours easily.  Today, more onions of course...I think I am down to 400-500 more, but the beds that needed to be amended were too wet to work...if you work the soil when it is too wet you will actually damage its structure.  The remainder of the red onions are in and in between the rows of onion I tucked in Arugula, Tango lettuce, Mizuna mustard, more celery and about 150 Lacinato Kale or otherwise known as Black or Dinosaur of the more mild kales and very sturdy for market delivery.  I also went and did a little something just for me...a new asparagus and rhubarb bed.  This will be offered to the customers eventually too, but I am starting this project off slowly and letting the plants spread on their own saving me an expense as I slowly increase production.  Michael finished the last tier of the retaining wall creating four raised beds.  He wants some evergreens on top (which I plan on using for Christmas floral arrangements...they were beautiful in this year's arrangements), and then the final tiers are going to be a cranberry experiment, and if you know anything about cranberries...the words desert and cranberry usually are not even found on the same planet, but nothing ventured, nothing gained a dear friend reminded me today.  Merry Christmas again to all.  Moonstruck signing out...

Merry Christmas!!

I am on way outside…yes on Christmas to plant onions before the next storms come in…I am looking out my window and it is slowly coming in!!  I am sure the storms will give me a lot more indoor time and greenhouse time later in the week….I love my greenhouse!!!



My blessings this year have been so abundant that saying “Thank You” just does not even begin to cover it!!  But this Irish Blessing hopefully conveys a little of what I feel.



May you have warm words


          On a cold evening,


A full moon on a dark night,


          And the road downhill


          All the way to your door.



Merry Christmas everyone and thank you again for supporting all our local High Desert Farmers!!




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