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More rain!!

They forecasted rain...and it is raining...what a concept...something new to us here in the High Desert!.  Here I have had the rain collecting system last on the list and it should have been first!!  We have had more rain in the last 2 weeks than in the last year!! The new retaining wall my husband built is working well and the drain being lowered is great though we might lower it a little bit more.  Wow I love these retaining walls...they create new raised beds!!! A little cranberry here (yes another experiment), a little evergreen here for Christmas bouquets, some more lilac, some more lavender!!! Okay, I am ready to do the other 500 feet ....lets go....oh yeah... I have to save my money to finish the 20 x 100 greenhouse going up (polyethylene is on backorder), but then it is up and going!!! Corrals need to be picked up as soon as the roads dry out!! Goat pens need to be increased...have my eye on a few more Nigerian Dwarfs!!  Deciding on sheep breeds while waiting to put up grazing many fun projects and only 24 hours in a day, but the dirt moves now!!!  Another new concept to us....I did days worth of work in just hours!!  Moonstruck signing out...time to process chickens!!
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