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Temps up just a little!!

I feel like I have ants in my pants.  No plastic yet for greenhouse, temperatures are still so low that even the current greenhouse is slow, and I should probably have Agribon cover over it to get things sped up, but I keep saying to myself "work on the rows in the new greenhouse, the plastic will be here any day and you need to be ready to just throw transplants in!"  If I had nails I would have bitten them all off by now....ugh....I need more produce....major growing pains and these are painful.  Unfortunately it is also the nature of the business...Mother Nature rules.  Speaking of....I noticed that some of the dormant Winterbor kale had been eaten up quite a bit...found a hole...stuck a hose in for 5 minutes...did not fill up...went inside rolled out some rolls for dinner and put in to rise....collected eggs...hole still not filling up...did 10 more minutes of work....checked again and the water was just starting to percolate up through the soil 50 feet away in the new crop area!!!!  Ugh!!  I hope I got him!!! Gopher...squirrel...who knows, but I put the handy dandy Squirrelinator out to see if it was squirrel.  Tomorrow off to market...hope to see some of you...especially the new voices I have been hearing...Moonstruck signing off!
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