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Forgot...meat drop in Inland Empire?

I almost forgot.  Thanks to Local Harvest we have been receiving a lot of contacts from our neighbors just down the hill in the Inland Empire.  Most of the inquiries are for meat since they already have some great produce CSAs down the hill.  I have been asked numerous times if I would consider a drop....well I am seriously considering a once a month maybe twice a month, but I need your help.  I need to make it worth my least to pay for the gas.  Start talking guys...if enough of you contact me and want to purchase poultry, beef shares coming up immediately or future pork shares we will make it work.  Once again thank you for tuning in and supporting all of us farmers with Moonstruck Farms CSA.  Moonstruck signing is open at 8 a.m!!

Boy are chickens funny looking!!

Okay, now I can breath, two markets in two days and I am always wound up and exhausted at the end so I pulled in the driveway to see all 100 chickens running to a bush where "One" had found something good to eat?  Then all of a sudden all 100 were running for the coop.... an Air Force jet flew over...they ran for the coop like a coyote was on their tail...have you ever seen a chicken run...need a really good a chicken run!!!  Nothing better than chicken TV!!  Market was another learning adventure...Cornish Game Hens sold Mustard/Kale Mix and Baby Mustard Mix sold out.  I put them in $1.00 bags and a few ate them before they left the market...go figure???  But then again the reason I bagged them up was because I was snacking on them in the greenhouse and decided they were so tender and tasty I should bag some up?  Lots of discussions at market about making proscuitto and chicken stock and how one customer made five meals out a 5 pound chicken for two people!!! I love our discussions!!!  Wow, you guys are changing our world for the better...better eating...better economy...less gas!!!  You go guys!! Moonstruck signing out!

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