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Yahoo polyethylene is here!!

Woke up to another beautiful day!! Watched my teenage daughter walk to the gate with every last chicken following her (left the coop door open last night so they were happy to come out with the sun).  She does not really like the chickens so it started my day with a laugh since she had that typical teenage look of disgust on her face and it became better when the carpool mother yelled out "looks like the chickens like you!!".  I love my daughter....but she is in "prime teenage times" if you know what I mean, but then again my youngest loves the farm and made my day yesterday as she came running down into the ravine to check us out unloading the new corral equipment wearing her rubber boots, overalls and adorable...I don't want that one to grow up...but no one wants the youngest to ever grow up!!  My eldest ended the day by coming up to me and snuggling into the back of my neck after her long day of life is good!!!  My children have been the joy of my life, but the farm is my passion and the polyethylene is here....and now it is time to get to work!!! One 20 x 100 greenhouse to be covered and put into production...pray for little or no wind!!  Danny and Cody are coming over (great young men with strong backs) to help clear the field and prepare for planting this weekend while Mike installs the wiggle wire assembly!! In the meantime I am fielding calls for Super Bowl chicken wings...sorry all are sold out...even the ones that are still growing!!  Then tonight dear friends and customers said "well chicken legs it is!" and so I looked up all over the web....sure enough there is going to be a shortage across the country, but the good news is you can use legs and thighs in the same recipes, but you will want to marinade longer...maybe we are starting a new tradition!!  Moonstruck signing off. 
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