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Always something throwing a curve ball your way

The day started with a good cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal.  Michael went outside to start on greenhouse while i worked in the kitchen for a while.  He was able to attach all the channel, but there was not enough screws to put them 12" on center per the instructions, and we need a little more wiggle wire to finish the ends so back to the supplier we go....maybe next week.  In the meantime we had to agree on how to finish the ends...vinyl curtain is what we decided on.  They make them out of the same material the greenhouse is covered with, but with a nice 5 inch hem on it.  We are going to make them approximately 8 x 8 so that the entire end can be essentially opened in warm weather, and we will need to add a ventilation fan this summer.  This is a new design for us and only single layer poly versus the double inflated on the existing 20 x 40, but since it is is so big heat is a real concern, and the single layer will take 10 degrees off in comparison to the other greenhouse.  Well now we will have one of each and get to decide how the three in the future will be constructed.  Tomorrow the corrals are going up...good thing Danny and Cody are coming over...some of those panels are way too heavy for even Michael and chicken arms here...thats me!!  A customer came by to pick up a large egg order and I was greeted by her driving in with two beautiful young ladies waving at me and them jumping out of the car and giving me great big hugs!! What a sweet surprise...the girls have seen me at market only two times before.  We let them feed the chickens and Little Dipper (Nigerian who looks like an Oreo cookie dipped in milk), and showed them our construction zone....I must admit the day started off rough and disappointing and then they reminded me why I really do what I do....and the day ended with a smile on face and an image of two pretty smiling faces and a cute baby sister too...three girls like mine...very cool!  Early start tomorrow...Moonstruck signing off.
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