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Okay the winds were a real test on the overall structure, but now we get to find out what the snow load is on the single layer of polyethylene...came home from church and dinner and found 4 inches or so already built up and decided not to take any chances and went to work.  It would not have been that bad, but the manufacturers claimed to have built in an anticondesant meaning no drips from the roof on the inside...not true.  It does not drip in large drips, but it does spray especially as you are hitting the top with a flat broom to get the snow falling, and it was icy snow so it was not moving very easily.  Other growers are using the nylon rope method of pulling it across the top, and I think we will try that next time and maybe next time I won't be so exhausted, and won't have to be jumping up and down to reach the top and then be rained with the condensation each time!! I was soaked by the time I came inside and I was inside the greenhouse!  Well the exhausting days are part of farm life part I willingly accept.  Thanks to all who came through with their pork orders so that everything is ready for next week's processing...a few more left...drop me a line at  I need to know by the 22nd!!  Moonstruck signing off.

Anyone seen Toto!!

Well last night I could have sworn I was turning into Dorothy!!  We had microbursts at "I don't want to know mph" and I swore I saw a water spout and definitely heard one!!  It started as soon as night fall happened, and continued until about midnight.  The greenhouse is standing, and the wiggle wire all held!!!  Though I am pretty sure it is leaning a little to the North now!! One poor chicken decided to hide when we closed up last night so she spent the night outdoors!!  She is still soaked to the bone, but fine.  I love those Buff Orpingtons they are great winter birds....don't like it when the temperatures get above 90 or so, but they are so hardy through the worse of she found out unfortunately last night!!  It is freezing ears still hurt from checking on things and feeding so I am going to start some more trays inside until the "freeze" lifts out of the air and the greenhouses warms up a bit.  Hopefully tonight will be a little quieter...sleep would be nice...Moonstruck signing off! 
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