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Thanks again for those loyal customers who are braving the cold....the wind went right through you!!  But it was not too cold for kids to come for a pony ride...I don't think it is ever too cold for a pony ride!! was to our area...need a petting zoo or party function give them a call and support them...they are a great group of people. Pork orders are still coming in...but you will not get a choice of custom cuts from the butcher unless you let me know now!  We have a few sides left from Bashaw Premium Meats.  Whole chickens are sold out for a few weeks...thanks again for all your support.  Greens are slowly coming in more and more here at Moonstruck....need those night time temps to hit 40 and everything will take off and still have plenty of room to plant!  Putting in the new irrigation is taking some time, but it will pay off in the long run.  I currently have to water a few times a day when germinating and the new system will eliminate!!  Came home from market starving and wanted something good to eat, but quick....hmmm....plenty of eggs around....dreaming of farm fresh bacon since pork was just harvested....Crustless Quiche Lorraine fit the bill....I put the recipe on the website at  They upgraded and I am able to work on the site again....availability will be posted for now on and I have found someone who knows how to edit my shareware...great new site coming up!! Thanks for your patience.  Moonstruck signing off.
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