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Woke up early this morning, well several times really, 1 a.m., 2 a.m., 4 a.m., 6 a.m....each time hearing the wind blowing and sometimes getting up just to confirm what I was hearing...yes...the wind was blowing nice and dry snow....none was sticking to the greenhouses.  It was a beautiful site to see knowing that I did not have to go knock off a bunch of snow weight that might damage the greenhouses.  The old one we do not tend to worry about too much...with its double layer of polyethylene it creates a lot more strength, but I never let it pile more than 3 feet or so on the sides just to make sure.  The new one is an experiment, no inflation and it is 100 feet long so I really don't trust it yet so last week as you know we knocked off the snow that was sitting in the arches...another downfall to no inflation...the snow can sink as the inflation helps create a smoother surface.  Nonetheless the wind and dryness of the snow made it just a beautiful site.  I went out early to feed and check on things, and it was Warm....unbelieveable the solar effect of the snow and the little bit of sun peaking out.  I surveyed the sides of the greenhouses and especially the South end of the new one afraid that it might have really piled up, but the winds were swirling everywhere and did a nice job.  As I was walking back I basted in the "Silence".  Unbelieveable how quiet the world can become after a is just like Nature's way of saying...okay, now everybody take a break and listen to the silence.  I spent the rest of the day building a row or two and laundry!!  Just in case the power went out...can't live without a clean pair of overalls!!  Checked on the goats one last time, and they once again looked at me and said "Please make the white stuff go is cold and wet, and you know we don't like wet".  Little Dipper at one point actually managed to jump from the inside of one Igloo to the inside of another with only stepping onto the snow with one or two hooves...she was determined to touch that yucky white stuff as little as possible.  Yes...on the list is a barn, but of course it will be built greenhouse style.  Nice tall hoop building (to make sure Honey does not get to play Queen of the Hill) with room for bale storage and nice breeding stalls.  They have UV rated tarps that let in just the right amount of light and add an insulation factor to make our goats that much more comfortable...and maybe some sheep one day!!  Moonstruck Signing out!
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