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What a day!!!

This was one of those days that just leaves your head spinning.  Phelan Chamber of Commerce called and asked if the other farms I work with and I would come to Phelan Phun Days in September...well can we?  So I called Ca. Dept of Agriculture and asked how it would problem.  They will certify Phelan Phun Days for a one day "certified farmers market". I know the church can do it for our Fiesta too!  So I emailed all the farms I know to let them know to put it on their calendars.  Then NRCS called and I found out that there is a one high tunnel limit now on the initiative that I am completing the study for on Greenhouse/High Tunnel #2, but if it becomes a permanent practice I can apply again then.  In the meantime we talked about the livestock fencing practice that I applied for and adding pipeline for the livestock.  This is a tricky one since I am a small biodynamic farm she said that most of the practices are geared toward larger producers so she is going to do some reseach and let me know.  I am afraid being a "Market Gardener/CSA" has thrown them some curve balls...not quite sure what to do with me since I don't fit into a lot of the puzzle pieces.  We also have been busy bringing on new providers.  We have grass fed lamb coming in from the Temecula area if we can get a full truck load....six lambs so email if you are interested.  We would like to welcome Glencairn on board from Redlands who will be providing citrus.  Look for them on this weeks "Availability".  Remember the Friday Email goes out showing what is available from each of the farms, you order and I confirm with an invoice emailed back to you, but soon the website will be up for easier ordering!!  Off to bed for me...Moonstruck siging off!!
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