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Wow it is hard to believe we are cruising so quickly towards Thanksgiving, but here at the CSA farms we are always having to think many months ahead to keep up.  The summer turkeys are almost gone.  There are just a couple between 11-13 pounds; buying these is the only way to get a nice small turkey for those who have small ovens or are having a candlelight dinner for two on Thanksgiving.

Starting the first week of November the first batches of turkeys will be harvested.  Some of these will go to the smoker to be ready in time for Thanksgiving for those of you wishing for a ready to go delicious turkey that just needs a llittle reheating.

We took the last smoked turkey leg/thigh we had the other day and combined it with the bean/lentil/pea mix you buy at Costco, added a few Moonstruck carrots, celery and onion in a crock pot and it made an easy and fantastic tasting meal.

The first of November batches of turkeys will be between 16-25 pounds harvested, and frozen to be picked up at the farm or delivered to a CSA delivery point. 

Now for those who enjoy going to the farm and picking up a fresh turkey a day or two before Thanksgiving there are two slots left.  You will show up when called and take your fresh turkey home...the freshest of all, but of course this is a small farm so only 50 are harvested two days before Thanksgiving.  Remember these turkeys are also for those of us (like me) that need a 25-30 pound turkey for a big Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  They will range from 20-30 pounds and I feel 100% confident saying it will be the most delicious turkey you have ever tried, but don't forget these are farm fresh lean turkeys....they cook fast.  I brined one one year and our 28 pound turkey cooked in two and half hours!!  Just drop us a line at with any questions.    


Moonstruck Shopping List





Moonstruck Farms


Heirloom Moons and Stars Watermelon $1.00/pound (3-5 pounds each)


Red kuri Winter squash $1.50/pound (only the little 1 pounders left…slice in half add butter/brown sugar wrap in foil and in the oven at 350 until a fork goes through)


Carnival winter squash $1.50/pound (beautiful green and yellow speckled Cinderella style. Picture on facebook)


Moonstruck Salad Mix $2.00  (almost there) (Triple Washed mix of baby lettuces, Swiss chard, beet greens, spinach, Arugula and whatever is in season …now nasturium flowers). 


Rainbow Swiss chard $1.50


Braising Greens $1.50

(Mixture of cooking greens including mustards, kales, Swiss Chard, Collards, Beet Greens)


Kale mix $1.50 (Beedys Camden kale, red Russian, lacinato and curly kale)


Red Russian kale $1.50


Raveena eggplant (white elongated) $1.00 each


Tomatillos $1.00/half of produce bag.


Heirloom Slicing tomatoes $2.00/pound


Cherry tomatoes $1.50/sandwich bag


Cooking Celery  $1.00 (i almost have to pb size!)


Lemon cucumbers $0.50 each (small)


Jalapenos 5/$1.00


Carrots $1.00


zucchini 50 cents each (6-8 inches)


patty squash 50 cents each


Sweet yellow Onions $0.50 each


Red cipollini onion bags $0.75 (1/2 pound of small onions)


White onion bags $1.00 (1 lb. small onions)


Shallots (4-5 cloves) $1.00


Lemon grass $1.00


Basil $0.50 (approx. 3 stems)


Rosemary $0.50


Mint or chocolate mint $0.50


Chives  $0.50

Herb bundle of sage, oregano, thyme and rosemary $1.00



Lavender sachet $1.00


Farm fresh eggs $3.75


Moonstruck granola $1.00 (8 ounces) (oatmeal, butter, salt, brown sugar, coconut) (my daughter eats it by the spoonful…perfect fiber addition to your yogurt).




Pork Shares Available…approx. 10 pound packages…please ask for details.  Bacon, sausage, pork chops, lunchmeat, ham slice etc.  Package E is now sold out.


Summer Preorder Turkeys (13-18 pounds) $2.50/pound…they are in the freezer and ready for delivery.  If you need a small turkey for thanksgiving grab one of these before they are gone.


Whole turkey pricing

$2.50/pound Fresh, whole.

$4.50/pound Smoked, whole, cut in half or quartered.


Cut portion only pricing

$3.00/pound fresh, leg/thigh


Thanksgiving Turkey Preorder List I have a couple fresh pick up at the farm thanksgiving turkeys available…had a few cancellations. $2.50/pound….two days before thanksgiving. (Fresh are the biggest 20-28 pounds)


There are plenty of turkeys that will be harvested in the month of November and frozen and/or sent to smoker.  $2.50/pound. (approx. 15-20 pounds)


Thanksgiving smoked turkey $4.50/pound. Must be ordered by November 1st.



Whole by the pound in the 4-5.5 pound range



Following Cuts: $3.00/lb.


Chicken Thighs (4 pack)


Valle View Ranch

Steve grows a few vegetables each year.  This year he has the acorn squash and look for his beautiful Cinderella pumpkins soon.


Acorn squash $1.75/pound

yellow peaches $2.00/pound.

White peaches $2.00/pound.

Yellow nectarines $2.00/pound



Brian Ranch Orchard


Congratulations to brian ranch for the following awards at the antelope valley fair.  Three first prizes for golden supreme, royal gala and shinko asian pears.  Two second prizes for rosi red bartletts and 20th century asian pears.



Kikusi asian pears           $1.50/pound


Rosi red bartlett pears      $1.50/pound


Bartlett pears              $1.50/pound


Bronze beauty bosc          $1.50/pound (good cooking/canning pear)


Braeburn Apples             $1.50/pound


Golden supreme apples       $1.50/pound


To enjoy what is going on with the fruit at Brian Ranch before it arrives please visit their blog at or go U Pick on the weekend.



Dirt Creek Soaps


Goats Milk Soaps – All Natural Ingredients $3.50

Lavender Rose, Lavender Vanilla, Spearmint Patchouli, Lemongrass/Clary Sage, Green Meadows (basil and citrus oils, it smells very fresh), Summer Spice (Clove, Peppermint and Rose), Citrus, Spring Flowers (floral blend with rose, yiang yiang, palmarosa and lemon), Clean Cut (orange, lemon and geranium), Brianna’s Bouquet (a blend that Brianna put together of rose, bergamot, lavender, juniper berry, amyris and patchouli).


New Scents:

Winter Mint

Warm Woods


Chamomile tea


Valhalla Soaps/Goat Milk

Goat Milk Soaps $4.50

Lavender Rose, Lemon, Cinnamon, Herbs N Egg Shells, Irish Oats N Honey, Lavender Eggshell.




Toners are designed to use on you face as a ph corrector but they double as a non-toxic hand sanitizer.  I keep one in each car and use it after a dusty day working in the yard on my face with a cotton pad.  Some are moisturizing with glycerin added.  The scent comes from infusing with the flowers.


Lavender rose:  witch hazel, alcohol, roses, lavender flowers, glycerin, hisbiscus

Chamomille:  witch hazel, alcohol, chamomile flowers

Four oz spray bottles $6


Buzz-off spray $6.00

To fight those nasty insects:  witch hazel, alcohol, glycerin, plus essential oils.  I use this on my horse and my husband!

Dream Pillows

Little pillows that are pleasantly scented with herbs from my garden, essential oils, and seeds packaged in a silky cloth bag so you can keep them near and breath in the scents as you drift off to sleep.  Mint, Lemon Balm, Lavender and Geranium essential oils

Approx 2 x 8 in  $15

Lip balm

Sunflower, shea, coconut, coco butter, beeswax, vanilla bean, rosehip oil, vit C, E

In a twist off tub, $4.00


Montana Liniment

Rub into sore joints and muscles as needed, moisturizing also, Good for elbows and feet.

2 oz tub, $6.00

Coconut, shea, beeswax, arnica, eucalyptus, clove, lavender, rosemary essential oils


HangTen Skin ointment 

.5 oz tins $4.00

Massage into wounds, sore skin, hangnails, etc for soothing healing.

Balm of Gilead, olive, beeswax, juniper, grapefruit oils


Plantcation Week

Moonstruck took a "Plantcation" week this week and no CSA orders were taken.  We are going to be adding these every three months or so to spend a solid week turning over crops or just catching up on projects around the farm.  The old greenhouse is closed up and the new one is next.  The weeds are gone from the East and West fields.  The new greenhouse was begun, but we are holding most of it for cooler days...hopefully tomorrow.  If I am lucky after the Tri Community Coop delivery I will be spending the rest of the day in the new greenhouse clearing/planting.  The green beans are staying that are now producing again thanks to the "non 100s" weather and new ones have been planted to see how long we can extend into the season.  We are also keeping a few of the following to see how long the season can be extended though most of it will end as soon as the bees go to bed for the season...okra, tomatoes, squash and basil.  Romaine, Winter Bibb, Dancine (mini butterhead about the size of a baseball) and Sangria (red tinged butterhead) are all started in trays, which will be housed in the old greenhouse with the new being reserved for the Moonstruck Salad Mix.  Trays of cabbage have been started...wish us luck they are going outside to see what we can do with a layer of Agribon.  Rows of German Giant Radishes and Arugula were completed yesterday along with an addition of Mums to the back of the herb garden.  They have been doing so well I decided to make them the tallest row in the back thus establishing color from April to November hopefully along with the yummy herbs.  The cellar location has been reserved along with the tree spots and now we just need a good rain and a backhoe rental!  Don't forget we are in the final stretch with the Bashaws.  There are just a few pork CSA shares left, the last batch of chickens have been harvested and there are turkeys in the freezer and more to be harvested for Thanksgiving....just contact us at  Moonstruck signing off.
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