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Wow it is hard to believe we are cruising so quickly towards Thanksgiving, but here at the CSA farms we are always having to think many months ahead to keep up.  The summer turkeys are almost gone.  There are just a couple between 11-13 pounds; buying these is the only way to get a nice small turkey for those who have small ovens or are having a candlelight dinner for two on Thanksgiving.

Starting the first week of November the first batches of turkeys will be harvested.  Some of these will go to the smoker to be ready in time for Thanksgiving for those of you wishing for a ready to go delicious turkey that just needs a llittle reheating.

We took the last smoked turkey leg/thigh we had the other day and combined it with the bean/lentil/pea mix you buy at Costco, added a few Moonstruck carrots, celery and onion in a crock pot and it made an easy and fantastic tasting meal.

The first of November batches of turkeys will be between 16-25 pounds harvested, and frozen to be picked up at the farm or delivered to a CSA delivery point. 

Now for those who enjoy going to the farm and picking up a fresh turkey a day or two before Thanksgiving there are two slots left.  You will show up when called and take your fresh turkey home...the freshest of all, but of course this is a small farm so only 50 are harvested two days before Thanksgiving.  Remember these turkeys are also for those of us (like me) that need a 25-30 pound turkey for a big Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  They will range from 20-30 pounds and I feel 100% confident saying it will be the most delicious turkey you have ever tried, but don't forget these are farm fresh lean turkeys....they cook fast.  I brined one one year and our 28 pound turkey cooked in two and half hours!!  Just drop us a line at with any questions.    

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