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Apple Pie Filling Hints

I have had a lot of questions about canning lately, and I had to write the news plus article tonight so I wrote this up below instead of doing a recipe like I usually do.  I hope you enjoy and I can’t say enough about the ball blue book of canning if you are interested in canning…it is the bible of canning. J



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Canning Apple Pie Filling Hints


Using a variety of cooking apples creates the best applesauce and pie fillings.  When I make pies I use tapioca pudding and use the recipe off the box so when I decided I wanted to can it I used the same recipe, but only mixed the apples, tapioca, sugar and a little lemon juice (or you can use ascorbic acid) to stop the darkening.  I then boiled some water in a separate pot for filling the jars.  I stuffed each of the jars packing well, and then poured the hot water in leaving the appropriate amount of head space, and removing any bubbles.  The Ball Blue Book is my favorite book for canning instructions and I suggest you use this for times and more detailed instructions.  It is very easy to follow, and has instructions for just about any fruit or vegetable in it.  I have had mine for over 20 years now, and it never fails me.  My daughter was delighted the other day when she was able to pull a jar out of the pantry and make awesome farm fresh apple turnovers in a jiffy!!   


November tomatoes!!

I have had tomatoes in the greenhouses until December, but never outside in November, and it looks like we might make it!!   The temps are providing lush green plants with almost no cracking and they are loaded!! As I sit here I can hear the winds picking up due to the change of weather coming.  Forecast says it is going to be close again...nighttime temps of 34!!  Might have a green tomato scramble this week...anybody like fried green tomatoes!!  Molly is continuing to be one of the best decisions of the year working the livestock with so little training, but she is a bit spoiled.  She saw me put my overalls on in the morning and started doing her 360s in the house, and then I was delayed by my eldest and a few dishes calling my name in the sink, and I had to listen to a very VOCAL protest including a variety of whines, low rumbling growls and finally the body being thrown on the floor in complete disgruntlement!  I have never had a dog TALK to me so much.  Finally we headed outside to plant more turnips, carrots, beets, kohlrabi, rutabagas, green head cabbage, Tatsoi, spinach and Lacinato Kale.  Hopefully these will produce before the true dead of winter and/or overwinter well.  I want the outside field greens ready to go when the temps get too hot in the greenhouse plus I want room for EARLY tomatoes next year!!  BTW the Bashaws had a change in plans and had to take the first batch of turkeys for the smoker today, and so if you want a smoked turkey next Tuesday is the cut off and off I go to the smoker.  They are also having quite a few more requests for pick up at the farm turkeys just prior to Thanksgiving and are thinking about adding another batch.  Let me know if you are interested.  Another big day of planting is cool enough for lettuce in the greenhouses!! Moonstruck signing off.
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