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Last few turkeys...we will miss you Bashaws.

The Bashaws are just a few days from retirement and only a few turkeys remain in the freezer.  I am very happy for them.  I can't think of anyone who deserves retirement more after all their years serving their community and not only in the meat department but with their service to the community in a hundred different ways throughout the years.  Moonstruck is scramblng to take over, and pork and beef are on their way.  We have found the designs for the scalder and plucker we are going to build, but the facility is the big step.  The Bashaws have made it easy for me.  They had a wonderful facility and I will just follow their lead.  A building with drains, shower walls, concrete floors, a water line at each station; all that can be hosed down and santized in a matter of minutes.  but it will take a little while to get set up.  This is a major undertaking.  Ca. Dept of Agriculture says we can process up to 1,000 birds a year, which is plenty, but the Dr. in charge was very kind in encouraging us to get inspection so that we can sell to stores and sell a lot more birds.  He said "you should do it" is a great product to provide farm fresh.  I thanked him and said maybe in a few years.   Once again thank you for all your support, and if you still need a turkey give me a shout at

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