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Wow, what a beginning of a holiday season!!

Wow, what a season.  We doubled turkey sales and still have a few turkeys left for Christmas, and Moonstruck Salad Mix is coming in and we have yellow  zucchini!!!  Yes, zucchini and I even gave away a few jalapenos to my loyal customers!!   Wow, just need to plant about 400 ft more of lettuce mix, some Asian greens to replace your slow growing American style cabbages, put in some quick growing medium sized onions and the palate is complete!!  I feel like things are spinning out of control, but at the same time they are exactly where I wanted them to be.  The new greenhouse is producing what I was hoping!!  My knowledge of what can be grown outdoors has grown, new allium (shallots, leeks, onions, garlic) are going in in a new field, 70 new fruit trees and a poultry operation.  I have been approached to start a new community garden and I am hoping to take advantage of it if all goes through and have a separate field for St. Vincent's De Paul Soceity, our church food pantry.  Wish me luck everyone!!  Moonstruck signing out!!
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