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Pork is on schedule now!!

Okay, the pork scheduling has been a little crazy due to demand and getting set up with a steady piglet supplier and it is done....yeah!!  Moonstruck Farms will be offering pork sides for September/October 2012 and roasting pigs (for those big summer parties) for Summer 2012.  The deadline for these pork orders is April 6, 2012.  for more details please email me.  Next batch of pork will be February 2013. 

Tony talked me into one more head of beef and so I have two sides available and they are grass/grain fed at this time, but if both sides sell for grass fed only I will convert it to grass only.  Beef will be an approximately one to one and half year cycle depending on their weight gain.  If they are ready by next Spring than another batch will come in, but if they are not then I will have to wait for Fall of life on the range :) Now I just need to get my hands on the ultrasound equipment they are using for grading the beef....this is how they confirm grass fed beef is at choice grade, but then again I have Eddie and I think he is better than the ultrasound after 40+ years in the business...he has never steered me wrong and my husband has the pig measuring down and he has been within 5 lbs. every time!!

On the lamb share left and no more until August 2012.

The first batch of chicken is sold out for July 2012, but we will do 50 each in August, September and October; 20 Summer turkeys and 50 Thanksgiving turkeys...sorry have to start out slow :)  By the way if anyone has a deal on cargo containers I need a few, but the budget is tight so it has to be a great deal!! My husband is kicking me out of the garage he says I am taking it over!! Hehehhe....he's right!!  Moonstruck signing out...alias the "garage taker"!!


Pigs need their vitamins too!

I was out this morning taking “little lady” our Berkshire pig a nice bowl of morning goodies…cracked eggs, leftover cabbage, green beans and the harvest scraps from yesterday for her and she was spinning her 360s in excitement but she had to wait!  She has been happily tilling her pen (and eating some dirt and getting her vitamins and minerals at the same time)and had built all the dirt up right outside the gate and I could not open it!!  so there I was digging her out.  She had basically tried to dig to china like all the pigs do.  the last batch were harvested just in time….all four walls had been undermined and were ready to go down and we were doing temporary fixes until they were harvested.  This weekend Michael will take the whole pen down, tractor away all the tilled dirt and fill it back in and rebuild the pen for the next guys to hopefully not succeed in making it to china!!  The good news is Michael will tractor all that beautifully tilled dirt and all the manure from filet’s corral (she has done some tilling herself with her “bull” action) and build the next tiered bed out front.  I could get used to this tractor idea!! too bad it does not fit in the greenhouses!  We are going to review our tree order for this next year this weekend too since it is not going into next year (but is due this week) and we want to maximize it.  the cherries will take up to five years to produce on the rootstock we are choosing for soil and the apples almost as long.  Sweet cherries and gravenstein, empire, spitzenburg and winesap apples are definitely on the list!!  I am dreaming of a u pick addition in five years!!  we are also adding a "roasting pig" choice for your special gatherings this summer but i definitely need to know as soon as possible if you are interested.  just email me at  Thank you again for all your support!



Easter Lamb

Easter Lamb is ready for processing; just email for more details!  I know I am going to try one of those great recipes that roasts all night with a great red wine!!!  Yes, we are very, very Irish though we have other wonderful cultures mixed in us our Irish heritage seems to come out the strongest in our taste and habits!!  Work hard and play hard!!  Speaking of I have planted for two days straight, spent the day running around catching up on the house and running errands the rest of the day!!  Time to feed the animals, check on the greenhouses and call it a day!!

Rain and snow!!

We were delighted to receive rain all day yesterday and snow overnight.  Everything is soaked and I wish my husband could just take the week off and tractor!! It is perfect outside for planting and building of new beds!  We are also finally getting around to finishing our backyard which one day will host classes and events.  The outside fields are perfect for planting and night time temps are supposed to be right at 40 this week, which is perfect!! This will be the most we have ever planted. We are planting in accordance to sales this last year and prospected growth!!  Rows of snow peas, sugar snap peas, shelling peas and fava beans! This will be our first year planting "pounds" of seeds not packages.  We are still learning, making "Gardening 101" mistakes and then going back and regrouping, but overall we are forging ahead and loving it!!  Today I was pouring buckets of sweat in the new greenhouse as snow flurries fell outside with blue skies and asking myself "who told me to put on long underwear!"  Oh yeah it was me!!  Ugh!!  After a quick lunch break and removal of the long underwear back to work we went putting the final touches on the new greenhouse.  Now I am glad school is getting out Memorial Day Weekend I am definitely going to be hiring my teenagers for harvesting!!  Way too much for me to do this year alone!!  Thank you for your support everyone!!  Moonstruck signing off!

California Small Farm Conference

The California Small Farm Conference was fantastic as always.  It gives me time to rejuvenate, reflect and expand my knowledge!!  I took the Soils Farm Tour because it featured orchards!!  Yes we are adding 150 to 200 trees this year and I was so grateful to the farmers that took time out of their busy schedule to do this for us. I went to the Poultry and Beef session and learned they are using ultrasound to ensure the grass fed beef has marbled enough...up to 36 months and the software tells them how much more time on pasture, and I now know the pasture formula that I can duplicate in dry form!! Agritourism was a great source of knowledge for the future!! Grant information galore!! So much to say, but my head is still spinning I will share more in the near future! In the meantime I have a customer who wants to share a grass fed beef side with someone so email if you are interested and there are two lamb shares left.  This will be it until August.  I know I am looking forward to my lamb stew for St. Patrick's Day this weekend.....we always have to have a good dinner to honor our heritage, but mine obviously includes a good dose of Kentucky blood of Cherokee Indian....that is the only way I can explain my addiction to being connected to the land and the animals.  Moonstruck signing off!!

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