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Beef anyone...last call.

At Moonstruck we only start our beef once a year, and have been sold out, but we had a couple last minute cancellations but I already ordered the calves and Tony already went to auction so I don't want to short my order and short him.  The calves are Angus/Brahma and come from the hills of Cherry Valley California and we raise them out here on #1 alfalfa for a year or so until 1,000 pounds and then off to the butcher to be custom cut to your preferences.  No hormones.  No meat enhancers.  No steroids (they just call them meat enhancers now).  Just great food and water and a comfortable place to spend their days mooing at me for more food every time they see me...especially if they see me clearing the fields and then they get very impatient and the mooing goes up a few notches telling me to "hurry up, we know you are bringing something good!!".  Just drop me an email at our new address if interested and I will send you the details.  Cash deposit is due this Saturday...sorry for the short notice.  Back to the farm to spray the pigs is hot!!!!
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