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FARM FRESH Meat...the real thing versus the van in the driveway!

I was processing chicken in the driveway the other day and a van pulled up with "FARM FRESH MEAT" on the side. A young man jumped out and said would you like to buy some farm fresh meat. As I stood there surrounded by chicken feathers I asked him "do you know what I am doing?". He said "No". "I said I am harvesting farm fresh chicken". He said "We have steaks for $3.00 the size of your head!". I said "I HAVE COWS!". He finally gave up and left, but I don't think he ever really got it??? LOL!!! To say the least we have been busy harvesting chicken or turkey almost every other day!! We have whole turkey and chickens available for the next few weeks. We have been taking the "oopsies" from our farm fresh operations (torn skin in the plucker) and cutting and grinding so we have the following available. Just drop us a line at for more information. I will be here harvesting and still smiling thinking about my "Farm Fresh" encounter.


Organic Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts $5.50/lb.

Organic Chicken Thighs (4/pack) $4.00/lb.

Organic Chicken Legs (4/pack) $4.00/lb.

Organic Chicken Wings (12/pack) $4.00/lb.

Organic Whole Chicken $3.50/lb.

Organic Turkey (15-17 lb.) $3.50/lb.

Organic Half Turkey (6-7 lb) $3.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Thigh/Leg Combo $4.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Boneless/Skinless Breasts $5.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Boneless Breast $5.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Wings $4.50/lb. (2 pkg)

Organic Ground Turkey $6.00/lb. (White Meat, can do dark on request)

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