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Always a good laugh!

As you all know most farmers work really long days full of hard work.  It is definitely a labor of love, but even with a labor of love you have plenty of bad days, but there is always at least one thing that lightens the mood of each day and makes you laugh if you are lucky.  The day's joy yesterday was seeing the green beans germinating in five days.  Another day was finding out that the certifier for my "Certified Producer" certificate was confused and I can sell cut flowers so they are going on the next certificate.  Today was harvest day at the Bashaws, and there have been some learning curves there to say the least with the growth of the business, but as the harvesting proceeded we all fell into a nice comfortable rhythm, and the smiles followed.  The harvesting day was finishing and I was spraying down the room with the hose with a spray end, and even though it was a very warm day my hands had become colder than I was aware of and the sprayer spun in my hand and as I grasped for it the sprayer ended up pointed at my head and in grabbing it yes I squeezed the sprayer!!  Yes, I really was in need of a shower, but I did not have this in mind...I had planned on a hot one at home!!  I roared with laughter and went and finished cleaning up.  Tomorow is the first harvest day in the new greenhouse!!  How awesome is that!! Moonstruck signing out!

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