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Berkshire Pork

Thanks to Dirt Creek starting up their breeding program again of Berkshire pork we are proud to announce that we will be able to offer this chef sought after pork here at Moonstruck Farms.  I love any farm fresh pork, but I must admit I can see what the chefs are talking about.  It is a richer deeper flavor.  Unfortunately the piglets are a little more and they take a little longer to feed out so they are a premium item, but we personally have decided that it is worth it, and it enables us to do our part in supporting a heritage breed pig and a wonderful family farm...Dirt Creek owned by Brian and Stephanie Winn. In the meantime we completed our first poultry season and though not perfect we are very happy with our accomplishment of 200 chickens and 50 turkeys, and looking forward to doing more of both next year.  We are starting a winter batch of chicken starting in December that will be available in February, but only 50 because I want to make sure they can all fit in the coop if the weather goes bad.  Michael is going to finish off the other run with an enclosed area for more chicken protection, but that will have to wait until after all the ground and holes are prepped for the 250 trees to arrive the first week of February.  They include figs, canning peaches, cider/baking apples including Winesap and Spitzenberg, and wonderful eating apples like Empire, Honeycrisp and Gala.  We threw in a few plums and pluots but concentrated on the "canning" U pick division of peaches and apples.  We are starting tomatoes and peppers inside this week for a January start in the larger greenhouse and keeping lettuces in the old.  We are very far behind and appreciate everyone's patience as we go through these major growing pains, but thanks to you all the expansions will be complete with the trees and the new fence line though one day we will need to add a large garage/barn for Mike to work in, but that will come in due time.  Moonstruck signing out.
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