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A family came to the farm today from the city....they were lost  parked on the corner of my property with me and the chickens waving at them trying to get their attention. I was so self-conscious because my place is more of a construction zone than a farm nowadays....but then I thought about all my experiences with other farmers I have had lately...many desperate to make ends meet that they are stretching the truth about their "organic" feed....and stretching the truth about their abilities. I was self-conscious about my construction zone and mess, but then again I thought....this is me...this is real...and it is such a peaceful feeling knowing that I can say "this is me...this is the real deal...please bear with our growing pains and thank you so much for your are my dreams...only my customers can continue to keep my energy up, my dreams alive in order to help me make all this come true!!!"  This is from my heart...many will say I am a sappy dreamer....I say "I am the American Dream...I am a farmer at heart and always will be".  Thank you for your loyal support, and with that support you will continue to energize me to do the right thing as I do everyday now thanks to you....300 green onions, a compost pile turned, some tilling, a farm tour, beef box information/orders taken, 200 Daikon radishes, French Breakfast and Cherry Belle Radishes in, chicken feed bins mixed with flax seed and diacematous earth and my favorite end to a day....Mass on a Saturday evening to thank the Lord for all my blessings and of course a prayer for my many wonderful customers!! Moonstruck signing off!!
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And that is precisely why our family is sold on you and your farm. You had better things to do with your time with all projects that you have going on. Your willingness to take time to not only share what your are producing now, but giving us a clear picture of the vision that you have for the future showed us that you are a genuine person and you have a commitment to stay true to what you believe in.

While there may be some other choices closer for my family for produce in the Inland Empire we agreed last night that a drive to Phelan and/or Wrightwood is well worth it to do business with people who care about their craft.

We look forward to being a regular customer and again thanks for your time yesterday.

Posted by Kishore Wesley Patel on January 16, 2011 at 08:03 AM PST #

You made my day...thank you.

Posted by Rowena on January 16, 2011 at 07:32 PM PST #

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