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Organic Turkeys and Chicken - near end of season

It is a really good thing I love my farm fresh chicken and turkey because they are giving me a run for my money!!!  The other day I accidentally moved a feed bag too fast and every last turkey freaked out and the end result was a few bruises for me!!  Yes, their wing span has to be over 3 feet and I am only 5' 6" so it does not take much for them to take me out!!  I love the turkeys because 99% of the time they are extremely cool and docile...imagine a turkey saying "hey man, what's up" and kind of just gliding by peacefully, but if you upset them watch out!!  They are bronze turkeys so you may see some quill marks on the skin, but you won't care after you taste them!!  We made one the other day for my daughter's birthday and it was during the week so I threw it in the oven coated with oil, stuffed with an apple, an onion and a bunch of dried thyme and rosemary, and seared at 500 for 15 minutes and cooked for another 2 hours at 300 degrees...yes, 2 hours and 15 minutes for an almost 14 lb. turkey...they cook fast!  They are nice and fresh and lean and boy was it delicious and so easy for a weekday meal and we enjoyed it for a day or family loves turkey!!    So if you need a turkey or some chicken to get through the winter (we shut down in about 4 weeks for the season) just email me at   Moonstruck signing out.

Turkey time!!

As you may know we have not blogged for a while...boy are we busy!!  And as we scramble to catch up we realized that we are in the final stretch for the poultry season!! Our organic 15-17 lb. turkeys are being harvested this week and next with the next size ranges following shortly after.  We will be harvesting in the 15-17 lb. range, 18-20, 20-22, 22-24 and the "Oh my Gosh I'm not sure it will fit in the oven" size the beginning of November (we keep three of these for our family gatherings and we love leftovers, especially "me" the cook who does not have to cook for three to four days!!).   We are also about to complete our organic chicken season with only two more harvests left before we shut down for the winter...sorry, way too hard to keep those little chicks warm during the winter so we just fill up our freezer and call it quits for six months!!  Nothing like the beautiful view of a freezer full of farm fresh meats and even better the thought of not having to go to the grocery store!!!  Can you tell I love to stay on the farm!!   We are also making a run out to M&M Ranch for their organic peaches (we use these for our preserves until our trees start producing, hopefully next year!!) this week and they are $1.25/lb. so if you want me to pick you up some for your canning please just let me know and if you are looking for organic chicken or turkey just email us at and we will drop you all the details! 

Holiday turkeys and last call for beef.

Beef deposits for the 2013-2014 year are due June 15th...last call, and at this point I need both sides to sell to confirm the order for the year.  The calves are coming from Cherry Valley on June 22nd and will be ready next Summer 2014.  Grass fed with a little organic non-gmo corn for the last two months (industry standard for grass fed beef).  We are taking reservations for holiday turkeys.  These turkeys are organically fed and will be harvested in October/November and delivered over that time period to be in your freezer ready for the holidays.  Stretching it over a month or so will enable us to do more without breaking our backs literally!!  Turkey is my favorite and I can't wait to have some.  We still have a few reservations left for the summer batch ready in about 8 weeks that will be brought to 10-12 pounds so if you are looking for a small turkey for the holidays you need to purchase from this batch.  The holiday turkeys will be 20-25 pounds.  We had two new arrivals this last week.  Moonshine, our new Nigerian dwarf buck, was born a week ago today and he is a beautiful chocolate brown with blue eyes like his Daddy.  We also welcomed Aurora, our new (hopefully) Dairy cow.  She is from a twin birth with a male so it is possible his hormones passed through the cord and sterilized her, but there is less chance of it in the mother's first birth and this was her first so we are saying our prayers.  Hope you are weathering the heat alright...I feel like a wilted squash plant!!  Looking forward to June gloom!!


Busy around here dealing with a new puppy courtesy of a dear friend...half Catahoula and Border Collie...she will be my working partner!!  The storm put a halt on hardening off tomatoes, but that is okay we will start again when temps go up in a few days.  Greenhouse #1 we have decided we are going to take out of production and cover crop the 1st of May, till under the 1st of June, rebuild the rows eliminating the outside "walking" area and create more growing space with five 3 foot rows and start a full crop of tomatoes for the Fall with some chinese cabbage, scallions and others tucked in between.  In the meantime we have decided on a French Chanteris Melon for our cantaloupe and Moons and Stars for our watermelon and Musque De Provence for pumpkin (huge - farm pick up only if things work out).  Have to be short and sweet just spent an hour playing with the new Website...yes I can actually see the website...needs lots of editing to tailor to our local farms, but it will be coming your way soon!!  I need to get back outside!!  Before I forget last batch of pork for season is coming up soon...let me know if you want to order from the Bashaws.  Moonstruck signing off!
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