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FARM FRESH Meat...the real thing versus the van in the driveway!

I was processing chicken in the driveway the other day and a van pulled up with "FARM FRESH MEAT" on the side. A young man jumped out and said would you like to buy some farm fresh meat. As I stood there surrounded by chicken feathers I asked him "do you know what I am doing?". He said "No". "I said I am harvesting farm fresh chicken". He said "We have steaks for $3.00 the size of your head!". I said "I HAVE COWS!". He finally gave up and left, but I don't think he ever really got it??? LOL!!! To say the least we have been busy harvesting chicken or turkey almost every other day!! We have whole turkey and chickens available for the next few weeks. We have been taking the "oopsies" from our farm fresh operations (torn skin in the plucker) and cutting and grinding so we have the following available. Just drop us a line at for more information. I will be here harvesting and still smiling thinking about my "Farm Fresh" encounter.


Organic Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts $5.50/lb.

Organic Chicken Thighs (4/pack) $4.00/lb.

Organic Chicken Legs (4/pack) $4.00/lb.

Organic Chicken Wings (12/pack) $4.00/lb.

Organic Whole Chicken $3.50/lb.

Organic Turkey (15-17 lb.) $3.50/lb.

Organic Half Turkey (6-7 lb) $3.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Thigh/Leg Combo $4.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Boneless/Skinless Breasts $5.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Boneless Breast $5.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Wings $4.50/lb. (2 pkg)

Organic Ground Turkey $6.00/lb. (White Meat, can do dark on request)


Turkeys getting big fast!!!

Ut oh!!!  Those turkeys are getting big fast and have to be butchered, but one problem, only limited freezer space!!  All that will be left outside after this next week or so will be the BIGGIES....25 lb. - 30 lb. turkeys people ordered and I think even those will be ready in two weeks!!  I am leaving the last of the Toms for those who ordered that big, but even most of the hens are at the perfect holiday size of 16-22 lb. so they need to be harvested and if I run out of freezer room I will start grinding so let me know if you want a turkey ASAP!!    The last of the chickens will be ready in three weeks also, we had two cords of wood delivered today and once all the wood is stacked, the chickens and turkeys all harvested Old Man Winter can bring it on!!  I am ready for peaceful nights by the fire with chicken and beef broth brewing on the wood stove.  Moonstruck signing off!!

Turkeys getting big fast!!!

Ut oh!!!  Those turkeys are getting big fast and have to be butchered, but one problem, only limited freezer space!!  All that will be left outside after this next week or so will be the BIGGIES....25 lb. - 30 lb. turkeys people ordered and I think even those will be ready in two weeks!!  I am leaving the last of the Toms for those who ordered that big, but even most of the hens are at the perfect holiday size of 16-22 lb. so they need to be harvested and if I run out of freezer room I will start grinding so let me know if you want a turkey ASAP!!    The last of the chickens will be ready in three weeks also, we had two cords of wood delivered today and once all the wood is stacked, the chickens and turkeys all harvested Old Man Winter can bring it on!!  I am ready for peaceful nights by the fire with chicken and beef broth brewing on the wood stove.  Moonstruck signing off!!

Beef anyone...last call.

At Moonstruck we only start our beef once a year, and have been sold out, but we had a couple last minute cancellations but I already ordered the calves and Tony already went to auction so I don't want to short my order and short him.  The calves are Angus/Brahma and come from the hills of Cherry Valley California and we raise them out here on #1 alfalfa for a year or so until 1,000 pounds and then off to the butcher to be custom cut to your preferences.  No hormones.  No meat enhancers.  No steroids (they just call them meat enhancers now).  Just great food and water and a comfortable place to spend their days mooing at me for more food every time they see me...especially if they see me clearing the fields and then they get very impatient and the mooing goes up a few notches telling me to "hurry up, we know you are bringing something good!!".  Just drop me an email at our new address if interested and I will send you the details.  Cash deposit is due this Saturday...sorry for the short notice.  Back to the farm to spray the pigs is hot!!!!

Holiday turkeys and last call for beef.

Beef deposits for the 2013-2014 year are due June 15th...last call, and at this point I need both sides to sell to confirm the order for the year.  The calves are coming from Cherry Valley on June 22nd and will be ready next Summer 2014.  Grass fed with a little organic non-gmo corn for the last two months (industry standard for grass fed beef).  We are taking reservations for holiday turkeys.  These turkeys are organically fed and will be harvested in October/November and delivered over that time period to be in your freezer ready for the holidays.  Stretching it over a month or so will enable us to do more without breaking our backs literally!!  Turkey is my favorite and I can't wait to have some.  We still have a few reservations left for the summer batch ready in about 8 weeks that will be brought to 10-12 pounds so if you are looking for a small turkey for the holidays you need to purchase from this batch.  The holiday turkeys will be 20-25 pounds.  We had two new arrivals this last week.  Moonshine, our new Nigerian dwarf buck, was born a week ago today and he is a beautiful chocolate brown with blue eyes like his Daddy.  We also welcomed Aurora, our new (hopefully) Dairy cow.  She is from a twin birth with a male so it is possible his hormones passed through the cord and sterilized her, but there is less chance of it in the mother's first birth and this was her first so we are saying our prayers.  Hope you are weathering the heat alright...I feel like a wilted squash plant!!  Looking forward to June gloom!!

Bees!! Yahoo!!

As most of you know things have not been going smoothly around here, pool collapses pouring 50,000 gallons of water into greenhouse and across property (the pigs loved it!), the beds out front are now succumbing to the beginning of the critters building their stores for winter, and yields have been down due to my learning curves and the weather and taking on too much, but what do most farmers do…we bounce!  So we are bouncing and not only are we about to dive into hydroponics to solve part of the issue, but we are getting some help around here in the yield category…yes the real workers are coming…two bee hives arrive on Saturday!!  What a tremendous blessing they will be increasing yields hopefully beyond any tinkering with the soil that I could do would accomplish.  We also are investing in more equipment to make the animal end of the farm run more efficiently with more automatic water fountains and more feeders.  Even the cows are going to get a new automatic water fountain so that I don’t have to clean out their trough and they get nice fresh water with each sip.  To bring my spirits up around here I walk the fields (that are doing well) like the corn, the green beans coming up and all the winter squash including sweet dumplings, butternut and carnival and the huge first two plants of rhubarb!  I also tinker in the kitchen and tonight there is goats milk yogurt warming in the oven (i have a bread proofing setting of 100 degrees) and with some luck I will have luscious warm yogurt to add to my granola in the morning along with some fresh canned peaches (we did 30 quarts).  Yes I know it sounds crazy after all that hard work, but it puts a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my belly!!


See ya all soon!


Filet's last day.

I found out today that even when you have a hate/love relationship with a beef cow they are just on the farm too long not to build some bond with.  Eddie from Barstow Custom Butchering came by and dropped off pork so I was busy organizing it in the freezer and could not be down in "livestock central" as Eddie began his job.  When I finally arrived there was nothing but a hanging piece of meat and that was fine.  I took the liver up to cut, the ox tail and the heart and tongue.  He showed me the marbling that I had attained that would be determined choice due to fat content...perfect.  Our goal is grass fed with just a touch of marbling that we add with the six weeks of grain.  Of course those of you who chose grass fed only will just be fed a little longer to attain some marbling with age versus grain.  He also invited us to come out when the cutting was done after the two weeks of aging so that we can understand all the cut choices better and relay this information to our customers in aiding them in making their choices.  A bittersweet day, but at the same time I thank the Lord for providing us with the beef with the awesome protein and amino acids that feeds my muscles that I so need to complete my daily chores.  Amen!!

Eggs anyone!!

The girls took a nice long rest and boy did they come back strong!!  They are laying at 98%!!  We are making angel food cake, scrambles, omelettes, frittatas, cookies, Texas sheet cake and lots more!!  Meyers lemons have been a terrific price from Glen Cairn so we made lemon curd, drizzled it on the angel food cake and added a dollop of whipped cream!!  See why I have to work so hard in the fields...I like to eat good food!!  We will have our first Moonstruck beef soon and I cannot wait!!  Believe it or not it is the hamburger I am looking forward to the most.  I could not believe how good hamburger could taste after I tried the Bashaws!!  Tonight we are enjoying a Italian Sausage Soup with just harvested spinach...yes we have lots and lots of spinach!!  The radishes are huge too!!  Finally all the hard work is starting to show.  We have been taking the time to monitor the greenhouse temperatures and humidity and soil testing every row and all the observations are starting to pay off!  I was opening the greenhouses too early and losing precious humidity.  The West field is planted with sugar snap, snow peas, fava beans and shelling peas....we lost one row to a rabbit break in, but I think I have locked them out again!!  Plain Jane salad mix (speckled bibb, romaine, buttercrunch and spinach) has been a big hit right along with Moonstruck salad mix.  The tomatoes are about 18 inches and I can't wait to see how early we can have this year, but I know now from my monitoring that I can push it one month earlier next year.  Moonstruck signing out...see ya all soon!!


Steers arrived!!

The steers arrived today and not without a little excitement. The trailer was backed up beautifully to the corral so I only had to stand in a very small space that they could go through, but then they came running all at once, and Filet did not know what to make of it so she took off and tried to jump the other end of the corral...luckily she did not make it, but the corral does not look the same anymore to say the least. She is about four weeks from harvest so she is about 800-1000 lbs. These little guys just left the Cherry Valley hills where their Momma's are and were weaned onto alfalfa before coming here. Tony kept them in a corral for about a month before coming here so they are somewhat used to it, and trust me they are much calmer than Filet was, but they are also younger. Filet got to work right away bossing them around and eating almost all the food I put out for them....she will be making weight sooner than I thought!! You could see who the leader was out of the little guys right away, one very curious steer walked all the way up to me and Filet when I was feeding her her grain (by hand in a bucket so they could not get to it) ...need a good name for that guy!! The routine we establish will be that these guys will take a year or so to come to weight...grass fed a little longer so the earliest we will restock will be late Spring 2013. We have two sides still available. Just email me if you are interested at  Moonstruck signing out!!

Pork is on schedule now!!

Okay, the pork scheduling has been a little crazy due to demand and getting set up with a steady piglet supplier and it is done....yeah!!  Moonstruck Farms will be offering pork sides for September/October 2012 and roasting pigs (for those big summer parties) for Summer 2012.  The deadline for these pork orders is April 6, 2012.  for more details please email me.  Next batch of pork will be February 2013. 

Tony talked me into one more head of beef and so I have two sides available and they are grass/grain fed at this time, but if both sides sell for grass fed only I will convert it to grass only.  Beef will be an approximately one to one and half year cycle depending on their weight gain.  If they are ready by next Spring than another batch will come in, but if they are not then I will have to wait for Fall of life on the range :) Now I just need to get my hands on the ultrasound equipment they are using for grading the beef....this is how they confirm grass fed beef is at choice grade, but then again I have Eddie and I think he is better than the ultrasound after 40+ years in the business...he has never steered me wrong and my husband has the pig measuring down and he has been within 5 lbs. every time!!

On the lamb share left and no more until August 2012.

The first batch of chicken is sold out for July 2012, but we will do 50 each in August, September and October; 20 Summer turkeys and 50 Thanksgiving turkeys...sorry have to start out slow :)  By the way if anyone has a deal on cargo containers I need a few, but the budget is tight so it has to be a great deal!! My husband is kicking me out of the garage he says I am taking it over!! Hehehhe....he's right!!  Moonstruck signing out...alias the "garage taker"!!


Pigs need their vitamins too!

I was out this morning taking “little lady” our Berkshire pig a nice bowl of morning goodies…cracked eggs, leftover cabbage, green beans and the harvest scraps from yesterday for her and she was spinning her 360s in excitement but she had to wait!  She has been happily tilling her pen (and eating some dirt and getting her vitamins and minerals at the same time)and had built all the dirt up right outside the gate and I could not open it!!  so there I was digging her out.  She had basically tried to dig to china like all the pigs do.  the last batch were harvested just in time….all four walls had been undermined and were ready to go down and we were doing temporary fixes until they were harvested.  This weekend Michael will take the whole pen down, tractor away all the tilled dirt and fill it back in and rebuild the pen for the next guys to hopefully not succeed in making it to china!!  The good news is Michael will tractor all that beautifully tilled dirt and all the manure from filet’s corral (she has done some tilling herself with her “bull” action) and build the next tiered bed out front.  I could get used to this tractor idea!! too bad it does not fit in the greenhouses!  We are going to review our tree order for this next year this weekend too since it is not going into next year (but is due this week) and we want to maximize it.  the cherries will take up to five years to produce on the rootstock we are choosing for soil and the apples almost as long.  Sweet cherries and gravenstein, empire, spitzenburg and winesap apples are definitely on the list!!  I am dreaming of a u pick addition in five years!!  we are also adding a "roasting pig" choice for your special gatherings this summer but i definitely need to know as soon as possible if you are interested.  just email me at  Thank you again for all your support!




Moonstruck Farms CSA would like to welcome the Siebert Lamb Farm to our multi-farm CSA.  The Sieberts have been in the lamb business for over 30 years, and raise Heritage Southdown and Hampshire/Suffolk crosses.  They are grass and grain fed, but only say the word and they will put one aside for grass fed only if that is what you prefer.  There is lamb available now so just drop an email if you would like more information.  Beef sides are almost sold out; I have one "grass fed" only side left for the season.  Sorry this will be it for the year; have to start out slow and five head are plenty for us to start with!!  We have one pork side left that will be sent to butcher in late May, and then we will take a break for a few months with pork available again in the late Fall.   We are taking a few months off so we can keep ourselves busy stocking up on chicken and turkey for the summer and early Fall.  Just a note to keep you updated; now that meat is taken care of time to go plant the new greenhouse with the beginning of the summer crops!!

Simmering stock and falling snow!

Turkey and beef stock simmering on the wood stove.   Some of my favorite things to do...turn off the outdoor irrigation and use the wood stove to do double duty...heat my home and simmer stock, and boy does it smell good in here!!  Fresh bread cooking in the bread maker.  Meghan is taking the time to make a Pralines and Cream Pecan Carmel muffin recipe she has been wanting to make since to say the least she is not running today and she was able to bake since we received 3 more eggs today than usual making it a total of 6!! The good news is that it looks like some of them are coming out of moult and between that and the days lengthening after the 22nd we will have eggs for you again....sorry my family goes through 3-4 dozen a week themselves so we have not even had what we need and have been on egg rationing.   I checked on the pigs and they were tucked in under a pile of straw with only a stripe of pink or two showing.  Filet was outside in the rain and snow all day...she usually is in her shelter...she must love the moisture!!  Molly as tiny as she is did not show the slightest hesitation at the cold galloping happily everywhere!  One of my favorite things about snow days is the peaceful silence.  Most neighbors stay home and so all the noise we are conditioned to disappears and it feels as though the whole world has stopped or at least slowed down.   It was not completely silent since as soon as the goats saw me they started bellowing and I could almost understand "make it go away!!!".  They don't "do wet".   The chickens were running around happy to have the ground wet so they could peck away for bugs....maybe that is why we received a few extra eggs...extra protein!!  Back to soup making and turkey cutting.  Merry Christmas everyone!!

Bashaw Meats in Full Swing




Small Beef share are available….10-15 pounds each…Just email for more information.



New Pork Shares Available or small approximately 8 pound CSA shares available…email for details.



Summer Preorder Turkeys (10-12 pounds) …August, September, October, November 1st Still Available.



$2.50/pound Fresh, whole, cut in half, or quartered.


$4.50/pound Smoker, whole, cut in half or quartered.



Thanksgiving Turkey Preorder List filling up already…only doing 200 this year…$2.50/pound and picked up FRESH at the farm two days before Thanksgiving.  If you want smoked please specify or if you want a frozen turkey delivered prior to Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas just let me know.  We will process those approximately 3-4 weeks prior to Thanksgiving.



Whole Chickens by the pound in the 3-5 pound range


$2.25/lb. Phelan/Co-Op Delivery


$2.50/lb. Wrightwood Market Delivery



Half Chickens – SOLD OUT



Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts  


$3.50/pound Phelan/WW Co-op and $3.75/pound WW Mkt



Chicken Wings $2.50/lb. Phelan and WW.  (Approx. 4-5 lb bags)



White Meat Portion (Breast/Wing on Bone)


Chicken Breasts on the Bone (2 pack)   SOLD OUT


Chicken Leg/Thigh Combos (2 pack)


Chicken Thighs (4 pack) 


Chicken Legs(4 pack)



All Above Cuts: $2.75/lb. Phelan/WW Co-Op


$3.00/pound WW Market



I could get used to this!!

Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!  Three employees coming and going and by next Wednesday I should be all caught up!! What a difference...I should have done this the day the greenhouse was completed!!  I could really get used to this.  I can think so much clearer now that the the growing area is clear!!  Michael rebuilt the back wall of the greenhouse...need a strong window that is easy to open and close, but so much better!!  The old greenhouse is going to be constructed the same in the Fall.  Our Spring weather has been so violatile that I told Michael that I really needed something easy to open and close on a minute's notice.  The remainder of the greenhouse is about 90% clear (old fields from last year still there).  I did one tomato in a grow bag experiment and it grew 8 inches in about 10 days...I like it!! Spring Onions are looking beautiful, and green beans inside the new greenhouse look promising for two weeks from now!!!  Wow, the possibilities for next year are stupendous.   Paul, our fantastic helper, is slated to help Michael build the cross fencing for the property and we are picking out our first beef calf this weekend, and hopefully will be stocked back up on pigs by July 1st.  Sheep are definitely in the future, but have to get the cross fencing done, and I have definitely decided the next greenhouse is a "Berry House".  The herb garden is coming in beautiful, and I have ordered Broccoli and Alfalfa sprout seeds to start up again (house was too cold to grow sprouts for a while).   I love having the employees..I am dreaming of homemade bread and sausage making for me to do!! Moonstruck Signing Out!!
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