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Wow it is hard to believe we are cruising so quickly towards Thanksgiving, but here at the CSA farms we are always having to think many months ahead to keep up.  The summer turkeys are almost gone.  There are just a couple between 11-13 pounds; buying these is the only way to get a nice small turkey for those who have small ovens or are having a candlelight dinner for two on Thanksgiving.

Starting the first week of November the first batches of turkeys will be harvested.  Some of these will go to the smoker to be ready in time for Thanksgiving for those of you wishing for a ready to go delicious turkey that just needs a llittle reheating.

We took the last smoked turkey leg/thigh we had the other day and combined it with the bean/lentil/pea mix you buy at Costco, added a few Moonstruck carrots, celery and onion in a crock pot and it made an easy and fantastic tasting meal.

The first of November batches of turkeys will be between 16-25 pounds harvested, and frozen to be picked up at the farm or delivered to a CSA delivery point. 

Now for those who enjoy going to the farm and picking up a fresh turkey a day or two before Thanksgiving there are two slots left.  You will show up when called and take your fresh turkey home...the freshest of all, but of course this is a small farm so only 50 are harvested two days before Thanksgiving.  Remember these turkeys are also for those of us (like me) that need a 25-30 pound turkey for a big Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  They will range from 20-30 pounds and I feel 100% confident saying it will be the most delicious turkey you have ever tried, but don't forget these are farm fresh lean turkeys....they cook fast.  I brined one one year and our 28 pound turkey cooked in two and half hours!!  Just drop us a line at with any questions.    


Celery in 100 degree temps!

We continue to learn as we grow here at Moonstruck.  The irrigation is still being tweaked to maximize, but with a little shade cloth we are growing lettuce and spinach in 100 degree temps in the greenhouse...and celery!!! Wow, I would have told you you were crazy if you had told me I could grow celery in a greenhouse in 100 degree temps any given time in the past, but my experience is growing.  Cilantro tucked into a corner with nice even watering can be kept too.  All these goals are one step closer to supplying our CSA customers with all their needs on a year around basis.  The welder is already coming in handy and new panels are being built to build a larger pen for the goats so we can add a buck and babies next Spring hopefully :).  I am dreaming of cream cheese, feta and sour cream!! Filet will be kept company too since they are being moved down towards her though Molly has been doing a fine job of keeping her company and Filet rewards her with a kiss.  Michael and I walked the property and when you have only 5 acres you have to work it pretty intensively to get a good yield.  It took some convincing, but beds will be built across the front of the house which should create somewhere around another 500-700 feet of row space for potatoes, garlic, shallots, onions, leeks and anything else the critters won't eat opening up space in the protected fields in the back.  We have a beautiful rolling section in the front and Merlot grapes will be added there.  The whole rim will be surrounded by lavender plants and a flag pole surrounded by a rim of three different lavenders is definitely in the future....can't wait to have a beautiful place to hang our nation's flag.  Thank you again everyone for your support....we truly would not be here without you.  Moonstruck signing off.


I went to water some transplants in Greenhouse #1 and out of the corner of my eye I saw what was the tail end of a red racer going into some mint so I thought he was hiding there.  On closer inspection there was a hole....he has made his home there.  Great for rodent so great for keeping the heebie jeebies under control.  I guess I will just have to get used to him being there.  More Jerricho Romaine went in today.  The heads in front of greenhouse #2 (protected from the wind by the greenhouse) are huge!!!  Need lots more of that.  As I did the planting diagram I told my husband that I will still need more room eventually and I would like to dedicate the future greenhouses to berries so he agreed to some long running summer beds in front of the long as they are low crops that don't obscure his!!  I harvested a nice bowl of green beans and they were delicious with dinner.  How I wish I had planted more!!  The irrigation issues are under control finally and everything is coming back to life....amazing what happens when you actually water plants!!!  Yikes did that cost me, but all the newly planted lettuce is coming in.  I am going to finish clearing a 100 foot row tomorrow that is partially planted with green beans already and fill in the rest.  Another sweet surprise is the Okra...doing great...turns out it does like slightly alkaline soil.  Starting more collards and sprouting broccoli tomorrow to replace the destroyed trays and soon all we will need is the Fried Chicken!!  Speaking of poultry don't forget to put in your summer turkey orders in they are selling out fast, and I am sure the Thanksgiving turkeys will be sold out by September so don't forget...only doing 200 this year.  Moonstruck signing out.

Bashaw Meats in Full Swing




Small Beef share are available….10-15 pounds each…Just email for more information.



New Pork Shares Available or small approximately 8 pound CSA shares available…email for details.



Summer Preorder Turkeys (10-12 pounds) …August, September, October, November 1st Still Available.



$2.50/pound Fresh, whole, cut in half, or quartered.


$4.50/pound Smoker, whole, cut in half or quartered.



Thanksgiving Turkey Preorder List filling up already…only doing 200 this year…$2.50/pound and picked up FRESH at the farm two days before Thanksgiving.  If you want smoked please specify or if you want a frozen turkey delivered prior to Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas just let me know.  We will process those approximately 3-4 weeks prior to Thanksgiving.



Whole Chickens by the pound in the 3-5 pound range


$2.25/lb. Phelan/Co-Op Delivery


$2.50/lb. Wrightwood Market Delivery



Half Chickens – SOLD OUT



Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts  


$3.50/pound Phelan/WW Co-op and $3.75/pound WW Mkt



Chicken Wings $2.50/lb. Phelan and WW.  (Approx. 4-5 lb bags)



White Meat Portion (Breast/Wing on Bone)


Chicken Breasts on the Bone (2 pack)   SOLD OUT


Chicken Leg/Thigh Combos (2 pack)


Chicken Thighs (4 pack) 


Chicken Legs(4 pack)



All Above Cuts: $2.75/lb. Phelan/WW Co-Op


$3.00/pound WW Market



New Tiller!!!

I love my new tiller!!! It does the work of a big tiller without swinging me around the world!!  It is a Honda 4 stroke and it starts easy and it digs!!! I worked all the compost piles with it, and then completed the new strawberry bed outside. We plan on constructing a cold frame cover for it to show how our customers can create small growing structures for their winter vegetables.  It will be a great addition to the tour here at the farm.  The goal eventually is to have the farm be a "learning farm" for the local community and visitors coming to our area.  I would love to add canning classes and "how to cut up a chicken" classes.  The possibilities are endless and we are looking forward to sharing it all with our customers.  The strawberry bed is also the beginning of the future CSA beds.  Since funds are always limited the strawberries, asparagus and rhubarb beds are being expanded the old fashion way each a bigger bed and break apart the plants!!  Molly saw me shooing the chickens out of herb bed that I just added a bunch of seed to, and boy did she follow my suite...she was on that chicken so fast and it was back in the coop before it knew what happened!! Off to bed early...harvesting chickens at the Bashaws tomorrow...only whole this go around unless I can carve out a few hours to cut.  Moonstruck signing off!!


Market Day

The last few days are a total blur...started Wednesday with a little planting, some bok choy, tatsoi, more spinach and of course a sprinkling of radishes and green onions.  A market gardener plants in a completely different pattern than most conventional farmers.  With the use of high tunnels or greenhouses we maximize each square foot in order to provide a variety of produce to our markets.  We repeat plantings on a continuous basis especially of the "cut and come again" crops...some of which can only be cut three or four times before needing replanting.  Of course at the same time we are practicing crop rotation to keep our soil healthy and reamending with compost and other natural amendments on a regular basis.  Of course for a beginner like me it is a constant learning experience.  The new tunnel due to its larger amount of ground space is wonderfully humid, coupling this with the night time temps hitting 40 the spinach, lettuce and arugula are taking off like crazy!!  What a pleasure to see everything ready to cut at 30 days!! We would even have spinach if the critters had not enjoyed every bite, but the new plantings are taking off like wild fire!! I have so much more area to plant still too!!  The old greenhouse is being slowly taken out of production and reamended to give it a fresh new start.  Green beans are continuing to do well and I can't wait to plant more.  Snow peas are going in this weekend, but with some "armor" around them.  The last two batches are still getting me at if you have any ideas on how to secure these delicate yummy plants until they are of reasonable size...then they are not so yummy!! Red torpedo onions arrived Thursday and are going in this weekend too....can't wait to couple these with my spinach...a little spinach, a sprinkle of my fresh bacon I just picked up from the butcher today, the Torpedo red onion and a homemade French favorite salad!!  We bought a whole pig from the Bashaws and finish price was just around $3.50/pound...great considering bacon alone can run $3.99/pound, and I love having the ham hocks for soup, the fat for lard making, fresh lunchmeat without all the additives (we always have our hams sliced into lunchmeat).  Thursday was a big husband who has been training for over seven years received his black belt in Shotokan Karate..I am shocked he did not wear his gi and belt to work...he was so thrilled and it was so well earned.  Friday started with the Wrightwood market and news that it will be going to every week on Fridays Outside, and maybe even a change to afternoons....traditionally a Farmers Market is held in the afternoon so that the farmers can harvest and go straight to much better!! Bashaws are working on some numbers to try and provide a 12 week share of poultry, beef and pork to help those out with limited freezer me if you would like to be included in the email trail.  Website should be up and running within a month if all goes well...automatic Sold Out information, ease of online ordering, inventory controlled by each farmer, and reports for me!!  How nice will that be!!! Finished the day by picking up our pork....oh yeah, I always OD the first couple days it comes in...sausage for breakfast, Italian sausage for spaghetti sauce tomorrow, and pork chops out for Sunday dinner.  I had to pull the last turkey (32 pounds) out of the freezer to make room for everything....good thing the rain is coming...perfect for the onions, shallots and garlic outside, and for a turkey cooking day!!  Moonstruck signing out!!

Great day!!

Today's hit was baby bok choy and I don't blame the is the first thing I reach for when I stir fry and being busy as a I am we stir fry a lot!!  Nothing easier than grabbing a little chicken and whatever vegies are in the greenhouse and throwing it all together with some brown rice.  Moonstruck Salad Mix is a little more on the mesclun side nowadays with Mizuna and Broad Leaf Mustard and Arugula!!  Of course the mainstays for the mix are a variety of green and red baby lettuces, baby Swiss Chard, Baby Beet leaves, Bulls Blood is my favorite, a beautiful deep color and whatever else is doing well in the greenhouse that week.  One customers mixes two bags of the mix with two heads of Romaine (Experiment 1 in our hydroponics is Romaine) and makes a great salad bowl for lunches for the week...great idea.  Baby Kale Mix has been a nice new surprise along with celery...go figure celery in the desert :)  I underestimated my customers desire for spice in their life and did not plant enough Spinach Mustard Greens (sold out through preorders).  Eggs are coming in more and more!!  Quiche here we come!! Pork shares are put off by a few weeks...Sam is not happy with the weights...wants to make sure the customers get plenty of pounds for their share.  A few shares of beef left and lamb is on its way!! Chicken legs are going quickly now since wings are sold out...nice meaty alternative for Super Bowl Sunday...maybe we will start a new tradition.  Off to bed....early start to pick up the plastic before the Cajon gets shut down to one much to do this weekend but so exciting...lots and lots of Moonstruck Salad Mix coming up!!! Moonstruck Signing off!!


Yahoo polyethylene is here!!

Woke up to another beautiful day!! Watched my teenage daughter walk to the gate with every last chicken following her (left the coop door open last night so they were happy to come out with the sun).  She does not really like the chickens so it started my day with a laugh since she had that typical teenage look of disgust on her face and it became better when the carpool mother yelled out "looks like the chickens like you!!".  I love my daughter....but she is in "prime teenage times" if you know what I mean, but then again my youngest loves the farm and made my day yesterday as she came running down into the ravine to check us out unloading the new corral equipment wearing her rubber boots, overalls and adorable...I don't want that one to grow up...but no one wants the youngest to ever grow up!!  My eldest ended the day by coming up to me and snuggling into the back of my neck after her long day of life is good!!!  My children have been the joy of my life, but the farm is my passion and the polyethylene is here....and now it is time to get to work!!! One 20 x 100 greenhouse to be covered and put into production...pray for little or no wind!!  Danny and Cody are coming over (great young men with strong backs) to help clear the field and prepare for planting this weekend while Mike installs the wiggle wire assembly!! In the meantime I am fielding calls for Super Bowl chicken wings...sorry all are sold out...even the ones that are still growing!!  Then tonight dear friends and customers said "well chicken legs it is!" and so I looked up all over the web....sure enough there is going to be a shortage across the country, but the good news is you can use legs and thighs in the same recipes, but you will want to marinade longer...maybe we are starting a new tradition!!  Moonstruck signing off. 

Boy are chickens funny looking!!

Okay, now I can breath, two markets in two days and I am always wound up and exhausted at the end so I pulled in the driveway to see all 100 chickens running to a bush where "One" had found something good to eat?  Then all of a sudden all 100 were running for the coop.... an Air Force jet flew over...they ran for the coop like a coyote was on their tail...have you ever seen a chicken run...need a really good a chicken run!!!  Nothing better than chicken TV!!  Market was another learning adventure...Cornish Game Hens sold Mustard/Kale Mix and Baby Mustard Mix sold out.  I put them in $1.00 bags and a few ate them before they left the market...go figure???  But then again the reason I bagged them up was because I was snacking on them in the greenhouse and decided they were so tender and tasty I should bag some up?  Lots of discussions at market about making proscuitto and chicken stock and how one customer made five meals out a 5 pound chicken for two people!!! I love our discussions!!!  Wow, you guys are changing our world for the better...better eating...better economy...less gas!!!  You go guys!! Moonstruck signing out!


More rain!!

They forecasted rain...and it is raining...what a concept...something new to us here in the High Desert!.  Here I have had the rain collecting system last on the list and it should have been first!!  We have had more rain in the last 2 weeks than in the last year!! The new retaining wall my husband built is working well and the drain being lowered is great though we might lower it a little bit more.  Wow I love these retaining walls...they create new raised beds!!! A little cranberry here (yes another experiment), a little evergreen here for Christmas bouquets, some more lilac, some more lavender!!! Okay, I am ready to do the other 500 feet ....lets go....oh yeah... I have to save my money to finish the 20 x 100 greenhouse going up (polyethylene is on backorder), but then it is up and going!!! Corrals need to be picked up as soon as the roads dry out!! Goat pens need to be increased...have my eye on a few more Nigerian Dwarfs!!  Deciding on sheep breeds while waiting to put up grazing many fun projects and only 24 hours in a day, but the dirt moves now!!!  Another new concept to us....I did days worth of work in just hours!!  Moonstruck signing out...time to process chickens!!

Merry Christmas!!

I am on way outside…yes on Christmas to plant onions before the next storms come in…I am looking out my window and it is slowly coming in!!  I am sure the storms will give me a lot more indoor time and greenhouse time later in the week….I love my greenhouse!!!



My blessings this year have been so abundant that saying “Thank You” just does not even begin to cover it!!  But this Irish Blessing hopefully conveys a little of what I feel.



May you have warm words


          On a cold evening,


A full moon on a dark night,


          And the road downhill


          All the way to your door.



Merry Christmas everyone and thank you again for supporting all our local High Desert Farmers!!




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