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We're back!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

We're back!!

The last year or so is kind of a blur??  To say the least life got a little "out of control" with ailing neighbors in need of great help, a chicken and turkey season that took over our lives, computer after computer crash and so much more, but now onto the positive!!  Here at Moonstruck we are enjoying turning things upside down, but we are not doing a lot of it on our own anymore.  Thanks to my "Moonstruck Angel" things are looking amazing around here!!  Yes, I have an employee, but I hate calling him that because he is so much more than that!  So from hereon he will be referred to as the Moonstruck Angel.   Both greenhouses are cleared, planted and ready to go.  The 20x100 is full of salad mix and spinach and more and the 20 x40 is at about 90% completion of being converted to a "berry house".  We have strawberries and blueberries in there.  We had a lot of time thanks to my Moonstruck Angel to sit back and observe and absorb all the lessons I have learned over the last five years, and even though our summers hit the 100s we are still a very cold season microclimate here at Moonstruck, and the great news is so far the BERRIES love it!!  So between the 300 fruit trees we put in and the expansion of berries we are doing this year you will be seeing a lot more fruit come from Moonstruck.  We have a 20 x 100 field that gets hit horribly with the wind in the Spring and Summer and has never done very well so we are going to run a test on it this year with a small row cover of raspberries and if the results are stupendous we will convert the entire field to raspberries!!  As always thank you all for your support through the years.  Moonstruck signing off....but just for a little while.

Organic Turkeys and Chicken - near end of season

It is a really good thing I love my farm fresh chicken and turkey because they are giving me a run for my money!!!  The other day I accidentally moved a feed bag too fast and every last turkey freaked out and the end result was a few bruises for me!!  Yes, their wing span has to be over 3 feet and I am only 5' 6" so it does not take much for them to take me out!!  I love the turkeys because 99% of the time they are extremely cool and docile...imagine a turkey saying "hey man, what's up" and kind of just gliding by peacefully, but if you upset them watch out!!  They are bronze turkeys so you may see some quill marks on the skin, but you won't care after you taste them!!  We made one the other day for my daughter's birthday and it was during the week so I threw it in the oven coated with oil, stuffed with an apple, an onion and a bunch of dried thyme and rosemary, and seared at 500 for 15 minutes and cooked for another 2 hours at 300 degrees...yes, 2 hours and 15 minutes for an almost 14 lb. turkey...they cook fast!  They are nice and fresh and lean and boy was it delicious and so easy for a weekday meal and we enjoyed it for a day or family loves turkey!!    So if you need a turkey or some chicken to get through the winter (we shut down in about 4 weeks for the season) just email me at   Moonstruck signing out.

Turkey time!!

As you may know we have not blogged for a while...boy are we busy!!  And as we scramble to catch up we realized that we are in the final stretch for the poultry season!! Our organic 15-17 lb. turkeys are being harvested this week and next with the next size ranges following shortly after.  We will be harvesting in the 15-17 lb. range, 18-20, 20-22, 22-24 and the "Oh my Gosh I'm not sure it will fit in the oven" size the beginning of November (we keep three of these for our family gatherings and we love leftovers, especially "me" the cook who does not have to cook for three to four days!!).   We are also about to complete our organic chicken season with only two more harvests left before we shut down for the winter...sorry, way too hard to keep those little chicks warm during the winter so we just fill up our freezer and call it quits for six months!!  Nothing like the beautiful view of a freezer full of farm fresh meats and even better the thought of not having to go to the grocery store!!!  Can you tell I love to stay on the farm!!   We are also making a run out to M&M Ranch for their organic peaches (we use these for our preserves until our trees start producing, hopefully next year!!) this week and they are $1.25/lb. so if you want me to pick you up some for your canning please just let me know and if you are looking for organic chicken or turkey just email us at and we will drop you all the details! 

Turkey Time!

Well the turkeys are right around 10 lbs, which means we will be harvesting the turkeys for those of you who ordered a "Summer" turkey meaning 10-12 lbs. here soon.  If you would like a small or a large turkey let me know.  $10 deposit holds the turkey and you can specify a size range.  We will most likely be harvesting at least every other week from now until 1st of November, and there are only 40 left unreserved.  All fed wonderful Modesto Mills Organic feed with fresh water and sunshine...simple formula.  Just email us at for more information.  We also have one side of beef available for the next year and one quarter-share of farm fresh pork.  Hope everyone is keeping cool.  I know I am looking forward to our beautiful Fall weather and a few thunderstorms would be nice for the pumpkin patch!!

60 pound turkeys!!

Today was a day I never did imagine, but it was a hoot!! A friend at church had an unfortunate accident just before Thanksgiving and was unable to process her turkeys.  She finally had a chance to get them to us today and we processed them.  She dropped them off and I looked at them and said "Ann those are not going to fit in the cones!!".  Sam was at work, and we had some help inside with Tony and Tom, but it was just her and me outside....hmmm...well we processed the hens and that was not bad...I have done 30 plus pounders before...but then the Toms....well without going into detail let's just say it was very interesting and from our perspective absolutely hilarious!!  We were laughing so hard that when it came to lifting the approx. 60 pound Toms up into the semi where the processing equipment is located we could barely do it...mainly because we were laughing so hard...Tony said "Stop laughing, you are losing all your strength".... so we laughed harder and 10 minutes later the 1st turkey was up there, and then #2.  After that Tom threw the first two in the plucker like normal and stopped it dead!!!  After switching the breaker we decided to do only ONE at a time.  After it was all done we ended up with four beautiful turkeys....two that will have to go to pits for cooking or be cut in HALF!  After such an eventful day I spent a little time with Quickbooks and found that I can send my invoices via Quickbooks email and do the accounting at the same time.  These are the dry and boring lessons, but these are important steps in building the farm too...I really need to streamline the "business" part so I can spend more time outside doing what I need to do!  Tomorrow is CSA Drop Point alias Phelan Farmers to bed I go.  Moonstruck Signing off.

Why we do what we do?

Moonstruck Farms is a very small farm with big dreams.  It is so exciting to watch each little piece of the puzzle develop.  Farming is not an easy profession and that is why you see most of the food being produced by corporations now.  I am fortunate enough that my husband  pays the majority of the bills with me doing a few medical transcription lines to help out, and then I spend the rest of my day raising my daughters and slowly build the farm up to our dreams. Our goal is to bring farm fresh produce to a community in great need not only boosting our community's health, but the econoomy at the same time.  We have come to absolutely adore all the good people in our little neck of the woods here in Phelan and are so blessed to be surrounded by them and their loving support.  Our neighbors along with many from church and customers are on standby to help cover the new 20 x 100 greenhouse; that is a big piece of polyethylene!!! Our immediate neighbor welded a piece of the corrals that needed mending. The other neighbor allowed us to use his tractor to grade more around the corrals.  We could not do this without the love and support of so many.  Thank you Danny and Cody for helping me clear and most of all helping Mike lift those big panels on the stable end of the corrals!! Moonstruck signing off.

Boring normal day on the farm!

Started the day as usual, up with the husband, made his lunch, checked to make sure the girls were up and running...signed any forgotten school papers, made sure a good lunch was made, start a load of laundry and a pot of coffee!!  Drop Meghan at school; neighbor takes the high school age one and I pick up...what a deal!!  Drive back in the driveway, close the gate, feed the chickens, let them out for the day...feed goats...check on temperature of greenhouse...sun is up...might be too hot.  Switch some more laundry.  Check email..process any to the great it was off to the bank to make deposits and then off to the Bashaws...discussed some business and then off to processing was cold in there today!!  I really don't usually mind the cold, but I don't think I will be complaining later this week when the temperatures rise just a little. Finished up just in time to pick up Sierra from school, then Meghan, then back in time to grab a bite to eat and bring in eggs for the day.  I cooked a lot this weekend so we would have leftovers this busy week...and then took care of the sprouts, wheat grass and started a few flats for hydroponics and the greenhouse.  I am going to add a few basil to the hydroponics operation...would love to provide basil year around along with the head lettuce.  Started several herbs too for the new herb garden...need a lot of thyme....hahahah..get it time...okay, maybe I need to get back to farming because I definitely will never make it as a comedian.  Moonstruck signing off!!

Wheat Grass

A new world I have discovered...sprouts and wheat grass...I thought I was amazed at what I already see grow around here, but nothing like growing in a simple drainage cup or tray and watching Mother Nature say "watch what I can do even without soil!".  Muslin cloth bag is full of sprouts too...does not get more amazing than that, but every time I think I have seen it all the farm brings something new my way.  Nursery beds are well on their way in the old greenhouse and needed some thinning so I spread out in what room I had left....kale, lettuce, spinach, mustards.  The snow melted outside finally and underneath were not great looking, but alive Lacinato, Tango Lettuce, Celery and Collard Greens!  New trays are started inside under lights for when the Conleys calls and says "polyethylene is here".  Costco has a great deal on roses....climbers...two for $17.99 so the new retaining will look great with a climbing rose on each tier against the wall of my basement foundation.  Hydroponics experiment 101A starts on Monday!!  Head lettuce is the goal.  Compost is turned and put to one side getting ready for a pick up from the Bashaws of more manure...they are so sweet they always have at least two trash cans full of stinky manure and shavings waiting for me after processing a batch of chickens.  My coops get cleaned out tomorrow so the composter will be full and after emptying the one bin for the new greenhouse it will be filled again ready for a new batch hopefully by tomato time!! Michael is grading the backyard tomorrow for the future "monster size" patio....yes of course I have an ulterior motive....classes for my customers and students from future tours...always thinking Farm, Farm,, fun, fun...Moonstruck Signing out!!


Merry Christmas!!

I am on way outside…yes on Christmas to plant onions before the next storms come in…I am looking out my window and it is slowly coming in!!  I am sure the storms will give me a lot more indoor time and greenhouse time later in the week….I love my greenhouse!!!



My blessings this year have been so abundant that saying “Thank You” just does not even begin to cover it!!  But this Irish Blessing hopefully conveys a little of what I feel.



May you have warm words


          On a cold evening,


A full moon on a dark night,


          And the road downhill


          All the way to your door.



Merry Christmas everyone and thank you again for supporting all our local High Desert Farmers!!




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