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Beef anyone...last call.

At Moonstruck we only start our beef once a year, and have been sold out, but we had a couple last minute cancellations but I already ordered the calves and Tony already went to auction so I don't want to short my order and short him.  The calves are Angus/Brahma and come from the hills of Cherry Valley California and we raise them out here on #1 alfalfa for a year or so until 1,000 pounds and then off to the butcher to be custom cut to your preferences.  No hormones.  No meat enhancers.  No steroids (they just call them meat enhancers now).  Just great food and water and a comfortable place to spend their days mooing at me for more food every time they see me...especially if they see me clearing the fields and then they get very impatient and the mooing goes up a few notches telling me to "hurry up, we know you are bringing something good!!".  Just drop me an email at our new address if interested and I will send you the details.  Cash deposit is due this Saturday...sorry for the short notice.  Back to the farm to spray the pigs is hot!!!!

Holiday turkeys and last call for beef.

Beef deposits for the 2013-2014 year are due June 15th...last call, and at this point I need both sides to sell to confirm the order for the year.  The calves are coming from Cherry Valley on June 22nd and will be ready next Summer 2014.  Grass fed with a little organic non-gmo corn for the last two months (industry standard for grass fed beef).  We are taking reservations for holiday turkeys.  These turkeys are organically fed and will be harvested in October/November and delivered over that time period to be in your freezer ready for the holidays.  Stretching it over a month or so will enable us to do more without breaking our backs literally!!  Turkey is my favorite and I can't wait to have some.  We still have a few reservations left for the summer batch ready in about 8 weeks that will be brought to 10-12 pounds so if you are looking for a small turkey for the holidays you need to purchase from this batch.  The holiday turkeys will be 20-25 pounds.  We had two new arrivals this last week.  Moonshine, our new Nigerian dwarf buck, was born a week ago today and he is a beautiful chocolate brown with blue eyes like his Daddy.  We also welcomed Aurora, our new (hopefully) Dairy cow.  She is from a twin birth with a male so it is possible his hormones passed through the cord and sterilized her, but there is less chance of it in the mother's first birth and this was her first so we are saying our prayers.  Hope you are weathering the heat alright...I feel like a wilted squash plant!!  Looking forward to June gloom!!

Steers arrived!!

The steers arrived today and not without a little excitement. The trailer was backed up beautifully to the corral so I only had to stand in a very small space that they could go through, but then they came running all at once, and Filet did not know what to make of it so she took off and tried to jump the other end of the corral...luckily she did not make it, but the corral does not look the same anymore to say the least. She is about four weeks from harvest so she is about 800-1000 lbs. These little guys just left the Cherry Valley hills where their Momma's are and were weaned onto alfalfa before coming here. Tony kept them in a corral for about a month before coming here so they are somewhat used to it, and trust me they are much calmer than Filet was, but they are also younger. Filet got to work right away bossing them around and eating almost all the food I put out for them....she will be making weight sooner than I thought!! You could see who the leader was out of the little guys right away, one very curious steer walked all the way up to me and Filet when I was feeding her her grain (by hand in a bucket so they could not get to it) ...need a good name for that guy!! The routine we establish will be that these guys will take a year or so to come to weight...grass fed a little longer so the earliest we will restock will be late Spring 2013. We have two sides still available. Just email me if you are interested at  Moonstruck signing out!!
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