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A bite out of every radish!

Well after all the winds and the snow this weekend I am ready for a little rest...but nonetheless things are always hopping around here and there is more snow on the way...time to figure out a better way to pull the snow off.  Some market gardeners are using a smooth nylon rope with one person on each side and pull away the snow...have to try this one!  NRCS/USDA comes out on Tuesday to certify so it better be standing!!  In the meantime I went to check on things and almost every last radish had a bite out of it and a grouping of kale I had just transplanted had all the tops eaten off...critter!  I put my electric trap out and got him...criminal apprehended and sentenced to death!!  Sorry for those with a heart for all of God's creatures, but these guys are relentless and if I extinguish them I usually get a rest for a few months until another one finds a weak spot in my security.  This is the worse time of year because there is not a lot to eat out and everybody is coming out hungry from a winter's rest!!  Yes even with snow on the way everything is saying SPRING!  The chives are a few inches tall already.  The onions are filling out nicely.  The trees have buds.  The lilacs are ready to bloom and the lettuce planted OUTSIDE is even germinating...proof that ground temps are up!!  Boy, it sure did not feel like it today walking in 40 degree weather with windchill, but then I went in the greenhouse and watered and the back end turned into a fog bank from all the steam coming off the!!  I love soon as the night time temps creep up a bit everything will take off!!  Off to a good night's sleep...Moonstruck Signing out!!

Loving this weather!!

There are some days you just feel like you have a new wind in your sails, and today one was one of them.  I finished putting the last couple hundred onions in....can't wait for those Spring onions!!  I squeezed in beets and radishes in between, and even put in a few rows of Tango, Oakleaf and Salad Bowl lettuce, and of course a few more rows of Arugula.  I am putting this all in outside, and of course the weather is beautiful, but we all know this will change.  With a blessing from the Lord the new greenhouse will be covered this weekend and give some of this shelter, but a lot of it is not under shelter.  The beets and radishes will fair through all but the deepest of freezes.  The onions, shallots and garlic are fine, and the lettuce will be damaged and replaced if necessary.   I am what is called a Market Gardener or simply a growing CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  My goal is to meet my customer's produce requirements year round within reason of I will not have tomatoes this month, but I do plan on growing plenty for next year that you can freeze. My dream is to be a smaller version of a great farm called Essex Farms.  They provide meat, fruit and produce to their customers, and guess what if there are a ton of tomatoes left in the fields that they did not have time to get or were too come and get them...same with corn and other vegetables...perfect for those that want to can or freeze...I think that is just so awesome!!  Look for new pictures on Facebook or on the blog at
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