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Grant Study Begins Soon

Moonstruck Farms is a small beginning farm here in the high desert...we are considered a market gardening operation, and one of few who applied for the Know your Farmer Know Your Food High Tunnel initiative last year, and a lucky one who was accepted.  As soon as we have the other end of the greenhouse complete we will be calling for inspection and upon approval we will receive partial funding for the completed high tunnel or greenhouse...we will then complete a three year study.

The 3-year, 38-state study will verify if high tunnels are effective in reducing pesticide use (we only use OMRI approved substanced and only as a last resort), keeping vital nutrients in the soil, extending the growing season, increasing yields, and providing other benefits to growers.

So here goes...visit us on Facebook to see the photos!!


Greenhouse covered!!

Busy day today...started with Tri Community Market...always love seeing my customers and swapping recipe ideas and hearing about their cooking adventures with our products.  Today I was in a hurry to leave though...picked up some pine needles from a great customer and then ran home.  I was was not windy...and my sixth sense said cover that greenhouse now!!  Weather change is coming, and that means winds at least the day before and then for how long who knows so Michael, myself and my daughter Sierra took off to get started.  Michael and I then rolled out the plastic, and then proceeded to crawl under the rolled out plastic hooking in the one side of wiggle wire, took a break to pick up my youngest and more help and then Ann and Tom arrived just in time to help us do the most difficult part of pulling 110 feet of 32 foot wide heavy polyethylene over the ridge of the greenhouse.  More wiggle wire and we were done..tomorrow we finish one end, frame part of the other and order the vinyl curtain in the size we determine will be best-suited, but that won't stop me from planting...more Moonstruck salad mix, bok choy, sprouting broccoli and thinking of adding endive, and definitely snow peas!!  Anything you can think of let me know.  Moonstruck signing off.


Why we do what we do?

Moonstruck Farms is a very small farm with big dreams.  It is so exciting to watch each little piece of the puzzle develop.  Farming is not an easy profession and that is why you see most of the food being produced by corporations now.  I am fortunate enough that my husband  pays the majority of the bills with me doing a few medical transcription lines to help out, and then I spend the rest of my day raising my daughters and slowly build the farm up to our dreams. Our goal is to bring farm fresh produce to a community in great need not only boosting our community's health, but the econoomy at the same time.  We have come to absolutely adore all the good people in our little neck of the woods here in Phelan and are so blessed to be surrounded by them and their loving support.  Our neighbors along with many from church and customers are on standby to help cover the new 20 x 100 greenhouse; that is a big piece of polyethylene!!! Our immediate neighbor welded a piece of the corrals that needed mending. The other neighbor allowed us to use his tractor to grade more around the corrals.  We could not do this without the love and support of so many.  Thank you Danny and Cody for helping me clear and most of all helping Mike lift those big panels on the stable end of the corrals!! Moonstruck signing off.

Always something throwing a curve ball your way

The day started with a good cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal.  Michael went outside to start on greenhouse while i worked in the kitchen for a while.  He was able to attach all the channel, but there was not enough screws to put them 12" on center per the instructions, and we need a little more wiggle wire to finish the ends so back to the supplier we go....maybe next week.  In the meantime we had to agree on how to finish the ends...vinyl curtain is what we decided on.  They make them out of the same material the greenhouse is covered with, but with a nice 5 inch hem on it.  We are going to make them approximately 8 x 8 so that the entire end can be essentially opened in warm weather, and we will need to add a ventilation fan this summer.  This is a new design for us and only single layer poly versus the double inflated on the existing 20 x 40, but since it is is so big heat is a real concern, and the single layer will take 10 degrees off in comparison to the other greenhouse.  Well now we will have one of each and get to decide how the three in the future will be constructed.  Tomorrow the corrals are going up...good thing Danny and Cody are coming over...some of those panels are way too heavy for even Michael and chicken arms here...thats me!!  A customer came by to pick up a large egg order and I was greeted by her driving in with two beautiful young ladies waving at me and them jumping out of the car and giving me great big hugs!! What a sweet surprise...the girls have seen me at market only two times before.  We let them feed the chickens and Little Dipper (Nigerian who looks like an Oreo cookie dipped in milk), and showed them our construction zone....I must admit the day started off rough and disappointing and then they reminded me why I really do what I do....and the day ended with a smile on face and an image of two pretty smiling faces and a cute baby sister too...three girls like mine...very cool!  Early start tomorrow...Moonstruck signing off.

Yahoo polyethylene is here!!

Woke up to another beautiful day!! Watched my teenage daughter walk to the gate with every last chicken following her (left the coop door open last night so they were happy to come out with the sun).  She does not really like the chickens so it started my day with a laugh since she had that typical teenage look of disgust on her face and it became better when the carpool mother yelled out "looks like the chickens like you!!".  I love my daughter....but she is in "prime teenage times" if you know what I mean, but then again my youngest loves the farm and made my day yesterday as she came running down into the ravine to check us out unloading the new corral equipment wearing her rubber boots, overalls and adorable...I don't want that one to grow up...but no one wants the youngest to ever grow up!!  My eldest ended the day by coming up to me and snuggling into the back of my neck after her long day of life is good!!!  My children have been the joy of my life, but the farm is my passion and the polyethylene is here....and now it is time to get to work!!! One 20 x 100 greenhouse to be covered and put into production...pray for little or no wind!!  Danny and Cody are coming over (great young men with strong backs) to help clear the field and prepare for planting this weekend while Mike installs the wiggle wire assembly!! In the meantime I am fielding calls for Super Bowl chicken wings...sorry all are sold out...even the ones that are still growing!!  Then tonight dear friends and customers said "well chicken legs it is!" and so I looked up all over the web....sure enough there is going to be a shortage across the country, but the good news is you can use legs and thighs in the same recipes, but you will want to marinade longer...maybe we are starting a new tradition!!  Moonstruck signing off. 


Believe it or not I prefer snow around here...especially since we rarely get more than a foot or so.  I think we are at about 8 inches now at most, but it is still slowly falling!! It becomes so quiet that you feel like you are wrapped up in a big blanket of white peacful feelings.  Of course it is just beautiful and since the sun is peaking out just enough to melt the top of the greenhouse and snowfall has not been that heavy shoveling around the greenhouse was minimal.  Taking care of the animals to make sure they had water and food in a secure location actually took a little longer. Sounds like a day to catch up on paperwork...though I will probably wander out to the greenhouse for just a little while...nice and toasty in there.  Moonstruck Signing out.
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