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Sprouting Joy turned the business over to me and so this week was experimental week for growing and eating!  I succeeded and they were so good!!! Next experiment is in Hemp bags!!  One little experimental line of Aquaponics going in this weekend for head lettuce.  From what I understand is that if you use chemicals it is you use fish emulsion or fish poop from live fish it is called Aquaponics..I will be using fish emulsion, but the goal is to have fish too for dinner!  What a week, snow, sick kids, sprouts, shopped and found ornaments for next year's Christmas floral baskets...75% off!!  And I have been working on my compost issue...that is...not nearly enough!!  Bought a few truck loads from an organic supplier...just don't like it...very black, strong odor, splashes on everything...I like my sweeter stuff with a little hummus...we need it here in this clay soil...back to the drawing board.  Put out requests for goat and sheep manure to be dropped at the farm along with truck loads of pine needles and saving money for a semi load of chicken manure (but that will take 3 years to compost) and in the meantime my chicken manure is going in along with the meat production farm's, but it is still not enough!!  The Bashaws leant me their mulcher and even the chicken manure and shavings are going through hoping that if we chop it up even further it will speed things up!!  Back to the drawing board...or maybe bed for a little while...Moonstruck signing off.
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