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Tomorrow...just the beginning.

After a long awaited wait the new greenhouse is producing bountifully and I am still not done rebuilding rows and planting!!  Tomorrow we will be bringing French Breakfast Radishes, gorgeous long scallions, Moonstruck Salad Mix, Leaf Lettuce mix (for those who just want lettuce in for their salad or for their sandwiches), Mustard Mix, Braising Greens (combination of collards, Beeden Kale, Winterbor Kale, various mustards, beet greens), Mizuna Mustard (green and purple), cilantro, parsley, chives, dill, bok choy, sprouting broccoli and spicy mustard greens!!

As I was weeding the spinach I noticed I had left a little too much space between the lines of scallions and groupings of spinach....perfect...I had a tray of Savoy cabbage that needed to go in.  Today  was a challenge planting because I had a new intern on board...a very young intern...Molly joined us yesterday.  She is half Border Collie and Catahoula, both superior working dogs.  She has joined us to be by my side during the day herding goats and sheep eventually, learning to be by my side without walking through the lettuce and providing a variety of other joys hopefully...though right now she is adding a few challenges, but in truth she is fantastic already. She has it in her genes to be a great dog, and she was groomed for me by a very dear friend since she was just a few weeks old.  Look for her at market tomorrow...she will be the little 9 week old Merle colored puppy right at my feet :) as she has been for the last 36 hours.



Moving along..

Started the day picking up the last of the whole Whole chickens will probably sell out this month!  Spent an hour or so creating a new seed storing system including seeding supplies so all in one place...put aside tomatoes, squash, savory, chervil, broccoli raab, Michli chinese cabbage, Savoy cabbage and Fordhook Swiss to be started in trays...and another batch of a variety of lettuces to be planted outside along with more beets and radishes.  Completed the outside planting along with a tray of lettuce that was ready to go out..completed some foliar feeding and watering the new germinating rows.  i called a local supplier about new supplies for irrigation in the new greenhouse that will eliminate the need to hand water newly planted rows.  Wow...what a day...and many more to sweet to see things coming together! 


Wheat Grass

A new world I have discovered...sprouts and wheat grass...I thought I was amazed at what I already see grow around here, but nothing like growing in a simple drainage cup or tray and watching Mother Nature say "watch what I can do even without soil!".  Muslin cloth bag is full of sprouts too...does not get more amazing than that, but every time I think I have seen it all the farm brings something new my way.  Nursery beds are well on their way in the old greenhouse and needed some thinning so I spread out in what room I had left....kale, lettuce, spinach, mustards.  The snow melted outside finally and underneath were not great looking, but alive Lacinato, Tango Lettuce, Celery and Collard Greens!  New trays are started inside under lights for when the Conleys calls and says "polyethylene is here".  Costco has a great deal on roses....climbers...two for $17.99 so the new retaining will look great with a climbing rose on each tier against the wall of my basement foundation.  Hydroponics experiment 101A starts on Monday!!  Head lettuce is the goal.  Compost is turned and put to one side getting ready for a pick up from the Bashaws of more manure...they are so sweet they always have at least two trash cans full of stinky manure and shavings waiting for me after processing a batch of chickens.  My coops get cleaned out tomorrow so the composter will be full and after emptying the one bin for the new greenhouse it will be filled again ready for a new batch hopefully by tomato time!! Michael is grading the backyard tomorrow for the future "monster size" patio....yes of course I have an ulterior motive....classes for my customers and students from future tours...always thinking Farm, Farm,, fun, fun...Moonstruck Signing out!!

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