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I went to water some transplants in Greenhouse #1 and out of the corner of my eye I saw what was the tail end of a red racer going into some mint so I thought he was hiding there.  On closer inspection there was a hole....he has made his home there.  Great for rodent so great for keeping the heebie jeebies under control.  I guess I will just have to get used to him being there.  More Jerricho Romaine went in today.  The heads in front of greenhouse #2 (protected from the wind by the greenhouse) are huge!!!  Need lots more of that.  As I did the planting diagram I told my husband that I will still need more room eventually and I would like to dedicate the future greenhouses to berries so he agreed to some long running summer beds in front of the long as they are low crops that don't obscure his!!  I harvested a nice bowl of green beans and they were delicious with dinner.  How I wish I had planted more!!  The irrigation issues are under control finally and everything is coming back to life....amazing what happens when you actually water plants!!!  Yikes did that cost me, but all the newly planted lettuce is coming in.  I am going to finish clearing a 100 foot row tomorrow that is partially planted with green beans already and fill in the rest.  Another sweet surprise is the Okra...doing great...turns out it does like slightly alkaline soil.  Starting more collards and sprouting broccoli tomorrow to replace the destroyed trays and soon all we will need is the Fried Chicken!!  Speaking of poultry don't forget to put in your summer turkey orders in they are selling out fast, and I am sure the Thanksgiving turkeys will be sold out by September so don't forget...only doing 200 this year.  Moonstruck signing out.
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