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Turkey....fresh or smoked!!

Turkeys are coming in fast…the bashaws are harvesting again this week.  I did have to recreate my turkey list (it blew away in a dust devil in Wrightwood) so if you have not heard from me and want a turkey please contact me and we have extra for anyone interested also. they will be delivered between july 20th and july 22nd except for smoked….they take a few extra weeks at the smoker.  just indicate the following:


1.          delivery point of Hesperia, phelan or Wrightwood coop or market.

2.        fresh or smoked.  Fresh is $2.50/pound Hesperia and phelan and $2.75/pound in Wrightwood.

Smoked is $4.50/pound in Hesperia and phelan and $4.75/pound in Wrightwood.

3.        whole, cut in half or quartered.


Thank you for your support.



Moonstruck farms csa



Bashaw Meats in Full Swing




Small Beef share are available….10-15 pounds each…Just email for more information.



New Pork Shares Available or small approximately 8 pound CSA shares available…email for details.



Summer Preorder Turkeys (10-12 pounds) …August, September, October, November 1st Still Available.



$2.50/pound Fresh, whole, cut in half, or quartered.


$4.50/pound Smoker, whole, cut in half or quartered.



Thanksgiving Turkey Preorder List filling up already…only doing 200 this year…$2.50/pound and picked up FRESH at the farm two days before Thanksgiving.  If you want smoked please specify or if you want a frozen turkey delivered prior to Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas just let me know.  We will process those approximately 3-4 weeks prior to Thanksgiving.



Whole Chickens by the pound in the 3-5 pound range


$2.25/lb. Phelan/Co-Op Delivery


$2.50/lb. Wrightwood Market Delivery



Half Chickens – SOLD OUT



Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts  


$3.50/pound Phelan/WW Co-op and $3.75/pound WW Mkt



Chicken Wings $2.50/lb. Phelan and WW.  (Approx. 4-5 lb bags)



White Meat Portion (Breast/Wing on Bone)


Chicken Breasts on the Bone (2 pack)   SOLD OUT


Chicken Leg/Thigh Combos (2 pack)


Chicken Thighs (4 pack) 


Chicken Legs(4 pack)



All Above Cuts: $2.75/lb. Phelan/WW Co-Op


$3.00/pound WW Market


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