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One more turkey harvest to go.

Turkeys in the freezer sold out today with 11 harvested today to be bagged and weighed tomorrow.  14 are left in the pen of which 8 are sold with the remaining being "pending sales" taken from a waiting list.  Don't want to guarantee those last few due to the potential of a plucker error, but if they all come out pretty they will be sold to the waiting list around the 22nd of this month (waiting to hear hubby's schedule to schedule the last harvest).  Let me know if you are interested in one of the turkeys being weighed tomorrow or if you would like to be on the waiting list.  Gobble, gobble.  BTW:  Only one more batch of chicken and we shut down for the season :)

FARM FRESH Meat...the real thing versus the van in the driveway!

I was processing chicken in the driveway the other day and a van pulled up with "FARM FRESH MEAT" on the side. A young man jumped out and said would you like to buy some farm fresh meat. As I stood there surrounded by chicken feathers I asked him "do you know what I am doing?". He said "No". "I said I am harvesting farm fresh chicken". He said "We have steaks for $3.00 the size of your head!". I said "I HAVE COWS!". He finally gave up and left, but I don't think he ever really got it??? LOL!!! To say the least we have been busy harvesting chicken or turkey almost every other day!! We have whole turkey and chickens available for the next few weeks. We have been taking the "oopsies" from our farm fresh operations (torn skin in the plucker) and cutting and grinding so we have the following available. Just drop us a line at for more information. I will be here harvesting and still smiling thinking about my "Farm Fresh" encounter.


Organic Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts $5.50/lb.

Organic Chicken Thighs (4/pack) $4.00/lb.

Organic Chicken Legs (4/pack) $4.00/lb.

Organic Chicken Wings (12/pack) $4.00/lb.

Organic Whole Chicken $3.50/lb.

Organic Turkey (15-17 lb.) $3.50/lb.

Organic Half Turkey (6-7 lb) $3.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Thigh/Leg Combo $4.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Boneless/Skinless Breasts $5.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Boneless Breast $5.50/lb.

Organic Turkey Wings $4.50/lb. (2 pkg)

Organic Ground Turkey $6.00/lb. (White Meat, can do dark on request)


Turkeys getting big fast!!!

Ut oh!!!  Those turkeys are getting big fast and have to be butchered, but one problem, only limited freezer space!!  All that will be left outside after this next week or so will be the BIGGIES....25 lb. - 30 lb. turkeys people ordered and I think even those will be ready in two weeks!!  I am leaving the last of the Toms for those who ordered that big, but even most of the hens are at the perfect holiday size of 16-22 lb. so they need to be harvested and if I run out of freezer room I will start grinding so let me know if you want a turkey ASAP!!    The last of the chickens will be ready in three weeks also, we had two cords of wood delivered today and once all the wood is stacked, the chickens and turkeys all harvested Old Man Winter can bring it on!!  I am ready for peaceful nights by the fire with chicken and beef broth brewing on the wood stove.  Moonstruck signing off!!

Turkeys getting big fast!!!

Ut oh!!!  Those turkeys are getting big fast and have to be butchered, but one problem, only limited freezer space!!  All that will be left outside after this next week or so will be the BIGGIES....25 lb. - 30 lb. turkeys people ordered and I think even those will be ready in two weeks!!  I am leaving the last of the Toms for those who ordered that big, but even most of the hens are at the perfect holiday size of 16-22 lb. so they need to be harvested and if I run out of freezer room I will start grinding so let me know if you want a turkey ASAP!!    The last of the chickens will be ready in three weeks also, we had two cords of wood delivered today and once all the wood is stacked, the chickens and turkeys all harvested Old Man Winter can bring it on!!  I am ready for peaceful nights by the fire with chicken and beef broth brewing on the wood stove.  Moonstruck signing off!!

Organic Turkeys and Chicken - near end of season

It is a really good thing I love my farm fresh chicken and turkey because they are giving me a run for my money!!!  The other day I accidentally moved a feed bag too fast and every last turkey freaked out and the end result was a few bruises for me!!  Yes, their wing span has to be over 3 feet and I am only 5' 6" so it does not take much for them to take me out!!  I love the turkeys because 99% of the time they are extremely cool and docile...imagine a turkey saying "hey man, what's up" and kind of just gliding by peacefully, but if you upset them watch out!!  They are bronze turkeys so you may see some quill marks on the skin, but you won't care after you taste them!!  We made one the other day for my daughter's birthday and it was during the week so I threw it in the oven coated with oil, stuffed with an apple, an onion and a bunch of dried thyme and rosemary, and seared at 500 for 15 minutes and cooked for another 2 hours at 300 degrees...yes, 2 hours and 15 minutes for an almost 14 lb. turkey...they cook fast!  They are nice and fresh and lean and boy was it delicious and so easy for a weekday meal and we enjoyed it for a day or family loves turkey!!    So if you need a turkey or some chicken to get through the winter (we shut down in about 4 weeks for the season) just email me at   Moonstruck signing out.

Turkey time!!

As you may know we have not blogged for a while...boy are we busy!!  And as we scramble to catch up we realized that we are in the final stretch for the poultry season!! Our organic 15-17 lb. turkeys are being harvested this week and next with the next size ranges following shortly after.  We will be harvesting in the 15-17 lb. range, 18-20, 20-22, 22-24 and the "Oh my Gosh I'm not sure it will fit in the oven" size the beginning of November (we keep three of these for our family gatherings and we love leftovers, especially "me" the cook who does not have to cook for three to four days!!).   We are also about to complete our organic chicken season with only two more harvests left before we shut down for the winter...sorry, way too hard to keep those little chicks warm during the winter so we just fill up our freezer and call it quits for six months!!  Nothing like the beautiful view of a freezer full of farm fresh meats and even better the thought of not having to go to the grocery store!!!  Can you tell I love to stay on the farm!!   We are also making a run out to M&M Ranch for their organic peaches (we use these for our preserves until our trees start producing, hopefully next year!!) this week and they are $1.25/lb. so if you want me to pick you up some for your canning please just let me know and if you are looking for organic chicken or turkey just email us at and we will drop you all the details! 

Turkey Time!

Well the turkeys are right around 10 lbs, which means we will be harvesting the turkeys for those of you who ordered a "Summer" turkey meaning 10-12 lbs. here soon.  If you would like a small or a large turkey let me know.  $10 deposit holds the turkey and you can specify a size range.  We will most likely be harvesting at least every other week from now until 1st of November, and there are only 40 left unreserved.  All fed wonderful Modesto Mills Organic feed with fresh water and sunshine...simple formula.  Just email us at for more information.  We also have one side of beef available for the next year and one quarter-share of farm fresh pork.  Hope everyone is keeping cool.  I know I am looking forward to our beautiful Fall weather and a few thunderstorms would be nice for the pumpkin patch!!

Holiday turkeys and last call for beef.

Beef deposits for the 2013-2014 year are due June 15th...last call, and at this point I need both sides to sell to confirm the order for the year.  The calves are coming from Cherry Valley on June 22nd and will be ready next Summer 2014.  Grass fed with a little organic non-gmo corn for the last two months (industry standard for grass fed beef).  We are taking reservations for holiday turkeys.  These turkeys are organically fed and will be harvested in October/November and delivered over that time period to be in your freezer ready for the holidays.  Stretching it over a month or so will enable us to do more without breaking our backs literally!!  Turkey is my favorite and I can't wait to have some.  We still have a few reservations left for the summer batch ready in about 8 weeks that will be brought to 10-12 pounds so if you are looking for a small turkey for the holidays you need to purchase from this batch.  The holiday turkeys will be 20-25 pounds.  We had two new arrivals this last week.  Moonshine, our new Nigerian dwarf buck, was born a week ago today and he is a beautiful chocolate brown with blue eyes like his Daddy.  We also welcomed Aurora, our new (hopefully) Dairy cow.  She is from a twin birth with a male so it is possible his hormones passed through the cord and sterilized her, but there is less chance of it in the mother's first birth and this was her first so we are saying our prayers.  Hope you are weathering the heat alright...I feel like a wilted squash plant!!  Looking forward to June gloom!!

Chicken and Turkey Season in Full Motion

Our organic chicken and turkey season is in full motion now at Moonstruck Farms with chicken available in just a few short weeks again and Summer turkeys in July (10-12 pounds) and holiday turkey waiting list soon to begin (20-28 lbs).  We will be ending our season in November this year, and starting back up in the Spring.  The cold weather was just too much for the chicks this year and so we are going to avoid the high losses by cutting the season.  We also were having great difficulty in obtaining our organic feed costing us hours of running around to try and find it each week so we are now ordering direct from Modesto Mills.  If you would like to order your Modesto Mills Premium organic feed with us just drop us an email at   Now that we have been up and running for a year it is time to streamline some things and solving the feed issue is a huge help!!!  We have had some great help come on board also, and that has been a tremendous help leaving more time for me to cut chickens to order.  We have even added butterflying whole chickens to your choices which include boneless breasts, breasts on the bone, half chickens, legs, thighs, leg and thigh combinations and ground chicken.  Tomorrow is "onion" day with 1,500 onions going in...good night.

Summer Turkeys

Summer turkey season is upon us.  The hatchery called to let me know there was a problem with some of the turkey egg orders so I could not get the white broad breasted and the bronze in an order so I switched it to all Bronze Broad Breasted, which I actually prefer. They seem to be sturdier.  I guess it is because they are closer to the original Heirloom Standard Bronze breed.  The white broad breasted is preferred in the commercial industry not only because of the breast meat, but also because of the white feathers there is no worry of quill marks.  You will only see the quill marks after butcher if the quill busts in the skin.  Most of the turkeys I have processed do not have the marks, but you do get some and it appears like tiny black dots.  They do not affect the taste of the turkey at all, just look a little funny compared to your "store bought" or white broad breasted.   I do get the additional pleasure of watching beautiful bronze turkeys raised here and so can you just come and visit any Saturday (after they arrive) from 9-12.  If you would like to reserve a Summer turkey (10-14 pounds) for July 2013 just drop me an email at  Moonstruck signing out!!


Quiet is coming.

As I was filling orders I felt the sense of peace that I love so much about my farm life...not that it always feels that way, but I cherish it when it happens.  I had just come in from feeding and collecting squash, which is now producing since the weather has been a little more even in temperature, but they are still very small.  I had filled all the little Cornish chicks watererers and feeders and they are so cute at this stage to say the least, and while I was doing that the turkeys in the pen adjacent were walking up and eating all the bugs off of the waterers...turkeys are very social and love to peck at bugs that are invisible to the naked eye.  I then filled the feeders for the larger Cornish (who are running like I have a blow torch in my hand from me...not social) who will be ready for harvest in four weeks and I marveled at their growth.  Molly during all this is throwing her body against the pens reminding everyone who is boss!! (Yes, this is our morning routine).  We then went down and gave the pigs the scrap bowl and checked on them.  Two are about ready, but two are quite small so it will be a while yet.  During this Molly is running around barking at the heels of all the cows to remind them who boss is once again!  (Sorry, she loves the pigs, if she has time she just comes over and gives them kisses....and then I give her a bath!!).  Then over to feed the cows who race me to the feeder and make it almost impossible to put the leaves in as they are trying to eat as I push it into the corrrals.  I then make a second trip where "girl" comes over to eat by herself.  She is the smallest and we have developed a routine where she saunters over (I might have told you already) to eat by herself, but the last week or so "Spot" has been joining her....romance in bloom maybe??  I think part of my sense of peace comes from the break from the heat yesterday and the feeling of Fall in the air and winter soon.  I am a Fall and Winter person...they are my favorite seasons!  I can't wait to have my first fire, put some chicken carcasses on the wood stove and make heartwarming chicken soup!  My kids actually ate some canned soup this week and said it was horrible....hopefully they will appreciate Mom a little bit more, but I doubt it, they are teenagers after all!!  See ya all soon!


Whistling Turkeys

It was so nice this week to be able to leave the windows open and sit at my lap top listening to the turkeys whistle!! They are such neat animals.  Michael built them a great new coop and after going into it they did not stop talking about it for hours.  Our first batch of Cornish chickens will be ready soon and the summer turkeys soon after that so I guess we are in full swing.  We did do 10 for ourselves a few weeks back to check the numbers again on using the organic feed and test flavor of course....our favorite duty around here, and it was fabulous!!  No mushy chicken for us.  Free of worries; I know exactly what is going in them, and it is so delicious!! The coop is so nice that Mike built I think we will be able to extend the season a little more than I thought providing more poultry for our freezer and yours!  Remember this year we are only doing batches through the Fall and we only have a limited amount of Thanksgiving turkeys available this year...we needed to get our feet wet and start slow.  Any questions just drop us a line at  Moonstruck signing out!!

Farm is progressing!

While my head is not spinning I thought I would take a moment to sit down and update you to some changes.  Sales are climbing so we are only growing for the CSA at this time, and what a relief that is.  It was hard growing for the larger basket requirements for the co-ops and keeping up with a wide variety of plantings for the CSA.  It also allows us to make some changes that were needed.  When we started root crops in August last year outside they did not succeed.  It was not early enough so this year we are reserving a few rows outside to plant in the next couple of weeks of carrots and other root crops.  This way we will have a supply outside and inside the greenhouses hopefully fixing a long awaited problem of enough carrots for the year.  With sales up it looks like the large onion order I made is not going to be enough so we will have to rely on green onions through the winter though I am hoping the red onions will last until December.  I am also going to try Crystal Wax onions from seed in the greenhouses that are a small bulb like onion.  We will be taking the new greenhouse out of production in August clearing it for an September planting of greens, radishes, etc. thus allowing the old greenhouse to continue production of the summer crops until they die out in November/December.  We will then clear and reamend planting as soon as the day length starts to return towards the end of January leaving January for onion/garlic planting again for the next year.  In the meantime the poultry operation is well underway with Cornish growing like crazy and little tiny turkeys who are already spreading their wings and strutting their stuff saying "Yes, I am the man"....someone needs to tell them they are not even the size of a softball yet!!  Moonstruck signing off!

Thanksgiving Turkey deadline!

As I sit in the kitchen hiding from the heat believe it or not I am thinking about Thanksgiving.  I know I have to have my final order in by June 18th.  Please let me know if you do need a Thanksgiving turkey I am only ordering 20% over the total preorder this year.  This is a necessity with us taking on so much this year.  We also have decided to use an old travel trailer or toy box (so if you know of one let me know), gut it except for the nice existing plumbing and electricity and add larger sinks and presto you have a poultry processing unit with heat!!  I don't know what I will do not freezing my touche off at Thanksgiving!! Everything is still pretty "messy" around here in terms of needing a lot of weeding and hardscape still, but we are growing by no doubt.  The new beds out front have added a tremendous amount of space and with the new misting system going in soon the greenhouses can stay planted throughout the year.  Winter and summer squash and corn are going in this week....200 feet done yesterday.  720 leeks in the ground and 350 red torpedos going in the last constructed bed out front.  Lettuce is being tucked in every shadowed corner I can find along with cilantro.   Piglets are escaping and keeping Molly busy herding them back in, and she makes sure she has a word with the cows from time to time to make sure they don't get any crazy ideas like Filet did, but this bunch is a WHOLE lot calmer and they are filling out nice since they are not bunco bronching across the corral all day!! We have gained a lot of new customers from Apple Valley so we are adding a Wednesday delivery from 4:30-5:00 at the Target center near the garden center.  The fruit tree order is finalized including apples of all kinds including cider and cooking Heirloom varieties, peaches throughout the season, figs, cherries and a few pluots for my daughters along with plums for pollinating and some Texas umbrella trees for the cows and pigs.  Time to eat dinner and head out to work in the cool evening air.  Remember we are closed this week, but we will see you next week and in Apple Valley too!

Eggs anyone!!

The girls took a nice long rest and boy did they come back strong!!  They are laying at 98%!!  We are making angel food cake, scrambles, omelettes, frittatas, cookies, Texas sheet cake and lots more!!  Meyers lemons have been a terrific price from Glen Cairn so we made lemon curd, drizzled it on the angel food cake and added a dollop of whipped cream!!  See why I have to work so hard in the fields...I like to eat good food!!  We will have our first Moonstruck beef soon and I cannot wait!!  Believe it or not it is the hamburger I am looking forward to the most.  I could not believe how good hamburger could taste after I tried the Bashaws!!  Tonight we are enjoying a Italian Sausage Soup with just harvested spinach...yes we have lots and lots of spinach!!  The radishes are huge too!!  Finally all the hard work is starting to show.  We have been taking the time to monitor the greenhouse temperatures and humidity and soil testing every row and all the observations are starting to pay off!  I was opening the greenhouses too early and losing precious humidity.  The West field is planted with sugar snap, snow peas, fava beans and shelling peas....we lost one row to a rabbit break in, but I think I have locked them out again!!  Plain Jane salad mix (speckled bibb, romaine, buttercrunch and spinach) has been a big hit right along with Moonstruck salad mix.  The tomatoes are about 18 inches and I can't wait to see how early we can have this year, but I know now from my monitoring that I can push it one month earlier next year.  Moonstruck signing out...see ya all soon!!

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