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Pork is on schedule now!!

Okay, the pork scheduling has been a little crazy due to demand and getting set up with a steady piglet supplier and it is done....yeah!!  Moonstruck Farms will be offering pork sides for September/October 2012 and roasting pigs (for those big summer parties) for Summer 2012.  The deadline for these pork orders is April 6, 2012.  for more details please email me.  Next batch of pork will be February 2013. 

Tony talked me into one more head of beef and so I have two sides available and they are grass/grain fed at this time, but if both sides sell for grass fed only I will convert it to grass only.  Beef will be an approximately one to one and half year cycle depending on their weight gain.  If they are ready by next Spring than another batch will come in, but if they are not then I will have to wait for Fall of life on the range :) Now I just need to get my hands on the ultrasound equipment they are using for grading the beef....this is how they confirm grass fed beef is at choice grade, but then again I have Eddie and I think he is better than the ultrasound after 40+ years in the business...he has never steered me wrong and my husband has the pig measuring down and he has been within 5 lbs. every time!!

On the lamb share left and no more until August 2012.

The first batch of chicken is sold out for July 2012, but we will do 50 each in August, September and October; 20 Summer turkeys and 50 Thanksgiving turkeys...sorry have to start out slow :)  By the way if anyone has a deal on cargo containers I need a few, but the budget is tight so it has to be a great deal!! My husband is kicking me out of the garage he says I am taking it over!! Hehehhe....he's right!!  Moonstruck signing out...alias the "garage taker"!!


Simmering stock and falling snow!

Turkey and beef stock simmering on the wood stove.   Some of my favorite things to do...turn off the outdoor irrigation and use the wood stove to do double duty...heat my home and simmer stock, and boy does it smell good in here!!  Fresh bread cooking in the bread maker.  Meghan is taking the time to make a Pralines and Cream Pecan Carmel muffin recipe she has been wanting to make since to say the least she is not running today and she was able to bake since we received 3 more eggs today than usual making it a total of 6!! The good news is that it looks like some of them are coming out of moult and between that and the days lengthening after the 22nd we will have eggs for you again....sorry my family goes through 3-4 dozen a week themselves so we have not even had what we need and have been on egg rationing.   I checked on the pigs and they were tucked in under a pile of straw with only a stripe of pink or two showing.  Filet was outside in the rain and snow all day...she usually is in her shelter...she must love the moisture!!  Molly as tiny as she is did not show the slightest hesitation at the cold galloping happily everywhere!  One of my favorite things about snow days is the peaceful silence.  Most neighbors stay home and so all the noise we are conditioned to disappears and it feels as though the whole world has stopped or at least slowed down.   It was not completely silent since as soon as the goats saw me they started bellowing and I could almost understand "make it go away!!!".  They don't "do wet".   The chickens were running around happy to have the ground wet so they could peck away for bugs....maybe that is why we received a few extra eggs...extra protein!!  Back to soup making and turkey cutting.  Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wow are the days short!

Today started with the unfreezing of water lines and water bowls for the animals.  I went to pour a tea kettle of boiling water on the metal pipe for the pig's nipple and within 2 seconds one of them figured out what I was trying to do and started sucking as hard as he could on it....the teamwork succeeded and within 30 seconds water was flowing!!  I love pigs; they are such awesome animals.  Later on I was nervously harvesting as I always am at this time of year due to everything's slow growth pattern I realized that at about 2:30 pm the sun went behind the mountain enough to shadow the entire new greenhouse, and I asked myself why do I stress...there is nothing I can about the length of day at this time of year!!  I tell myself each year I should close the whole month of December, but then the weather was so beautiful right up to mid November that I just could not do it.  I even put zucchini on the shopping list this week.  Of course I am going to have to short some orders because the 28 degree clear night we had last night finally took the zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and nasturtiums out in the greenhouses!  Sorry no nasturtiums in this week's Moonstruck Salad Mix, but I did manage to throw in some pretty yellow broccoli flowers.  I am still spinning here from being so behind, and quitting the market as heart breaking as it was to do it was a wise decision and to be honest I should have done it four months before I did.  I just keep making note of the goals that we have reached and the fact that I have the "infrastructure" now to grow all that we need and more.  We may even have a chance to grow at an alternative site that will become a community garden, but all that produce will be dedicated to the St. Vincent De Paul's Food Pantry.  Another exciting project coming up for 2012.  In the meantime we will be taking a little vacation from December 16 to December 30th...a little rest and a little work.  In case I don't have a chance to write again....Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wow, what a beginning of a holiday season!!

Wow, what a season.  We doubled turkey sales and still have a few turkeys left for Christmas, and Moonstruck Salad Mix is coming in and we have yellow  zucchini!!!  Yes, zucchini and I even gave away a few jalapenos to my loyal customers!!   Wow, just need to plant about 400 ft more of lettuce mix, some Asian greens to replace your slow growing American style cabbages, put in some quick growing medium sized onions and the palate is complete!!  I feel like things are spinning out of control, but at the same time they are exactly where I wanted them to be.  The new greenhouse is producing what I was hoping!!  My knowledge of what can be grown outdoors has grown, new allium (shallots, leeks, onions, garlic) are going in in a new field, 70 new fruit trees and a poultry operation.  I have been approached to start a new community garden and I am hoping to take advantage of it if all goes through and have a separate field for St. Vincent's De Paul Soceity, our church food pantry.  Wish me luck everyone!!  Moonstruck signing out!!

Christmas Turkeys!

Fortunately and unfortunately the Bashaws had quite a few last minute cancellations.   The good news is that there are Christmas turkeys available, but only for a limited time.  In about a week I am going to start making turkey sausage!!  If you want a Christmas turkey please let me know and we will get you taken care of.   The first batch of Moonstruck pork goes to butcher early tomorrow morning, and I know I can't wait to get my honey cured bacon back!  The next batch goes to butcher in March 2012, and we will have Pork CSA shares available at that time.
It has been so beautiful the green onions, radishes and even lettuce are doing beautifully outside.  Moonstruck Salad Mix is available this week, and Asian Greens are next on the list.  Savoy cabbages are doing beautifully in the new greenhouse, and the summer vegies are alive!!  It takes about 3 weeks to grow a single zucchini so extending the season does not work due to the late days, but it proves that starting early will not be a problem at all especially since I know I was germinating last year during freezing temps! 
Phelan may have an opportunity to have a community garden!! If you are interested please let me know so we can keep track of who in the community would like to take advantage of this.  Have a great week everyone!!  Moonstruck signing out. 

Turkey Stock and Brine Recipe

Sorry it took me so long!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Basic Vegetable Stock

For Turkey Brine or Soup

(You need a double recipe for the brine)

(You can buy vegetable stock if you want too, but this is really good).


1 tablespoon olive oil                                      8 sprigs of fresh parsley (3-4 tsp dried)

1 large onion                                                   6 sprigs fresh thyme (1-2 tsp dried)

2 stalks celery, including some leaves 2 bay leaves

2 large carrots                                                  1 teaspoon salt

1 bunch green onions, chopped                      8 cups water

8 cloves garlic, minced



  1. Chop scrubbed vegetables into 1-inch chunks.  Remember the greater the surface area, the more quickly vegetables will yield their flavor.
  2. Heat oil in a soup pot.  Add onion, celery, carrots, scallions, garlic, parsley, thyme, and bay leaves.  Cook over high heat for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring frequently. 
  3. Add salt and water and bring to a boil.  Lower heat and simmer, uncovered, for 30 minutes.  Strain.  Discard vegetables.
  4. Other ingredients to consider:  mushrooms, eggplant, asparagus (butt ends), corn cobs, fennel (stalks and trimmings), bell peppers, pea pods, chard (stems and leaves), celery root parings, marjoram (stems and leaves), basil, potato parings…Get the idea?


Good Eats Roast Turkey

Recipe Courtesy Alton Brown (My Husbands calls him “my boyfriend”).


For the brine:                                                   For the aromatics:

1 cup kosher salt                                             1 red apple, sliced

1/ cup light brown sugar                                 ½ onion, sliced

1 gallon vegetable stock (double of the          1 cinnamon stick

provided recipe)                                              1 cup water

1 tablespoon black peppercorns                      4 sprigs rosemary

½ tablespoon allspice berries                           6 leaves of sage

½ tablespoon candied ginger                          Canola oil

(I rarely use the ginger)

1 gallon iced water


Combine all brine ingredients, except ice water, in a stock pot and bring to a boil.  Stir to dissolve solids, then remove from the heat, cool to room temperature, refrigerate until thoroughly chilled (on day like today I just put in the garage).  Early on the day of cooking (or late the night before…I always do the night before) combine the brine and ice water in a clean 5 gallon bucket or ice chest.  (You can get food grade buckets from donut shops and bakeries).  Place thawed turkey breast side down in a brine, cover and refrigerate or set in cool area (like a basement or garage) for 6 hours.  Turn turkey over once, half way through brining. 


A few minutes before roasting heat oven to 500 degrees.  Combine the apple, onion, cinnamon stick and cup of water in a microwave safe dish and microwave on high for 5 minutes.


Remove bird from brine and rinse inside and out with cold water.  Discard brine.  Place bird on roasting rack inside wide, low pan and pat dry with paper towels.  Add steeped aromatics to cavity along with rosemary and sage.  Tuck back wings and coat whole bird liberally with canola (or other neutral) oil.  Roast on lowest level of the oven at 500 degrees for 30 minutes.  Remove from oven and cover breast with double layer of aluminum foil, insert probe thermometer into thickest part of the breast and return to oven, reducing temperature to 350 degrees.  Set thermometer alarm (if available) to 161 degrees.  A 14 to 16 pound bird should require a total of 2 to 2 ½ hours of roasting.  (Remember fresh turkey speeds this up quite a bit, watch your temperature, loose leg and clear juices).  Let turkey rest, loosely covered for 15 minutes before carving.



Turkeys sold out...but there might be a couple next week.

Turkeys are sold out for now, but we always leave 10% in case of broken legs, broken wings during harvesting.  If you still need a turkey just drop me an email at  this weekend and I can let you know if they "all came through with flying colors" and we have a few extras. 

Thank you for your phenomenal support of the Bashaws and look for Moonstruck turkeys next year!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!




End of weightlifting season...guess not?

Well just when I think I have hit the end of weightlifting season....tomatoes, winter squash, cucumbers, come the turkeys.  My first big delivery is this week, and I am doing some extra sit ups to strengthen my back tonight!!!!  Well, the light season is not too far away...Moonstruck Salad Mix.  I must admit I made a mistake this year that I will have to change next year.  I designated the new greenhouse for the cut lettuce and the old for head lettuce, but since the new one is so much hotter it was a mistake and the lettuce is just now starting to do an okay germination.  It is amazing how seed knows when it is its time. I had some pots in the shade outside my kitchen filled with dill seed I was trying to trick into summer dill, and of course it did not do a thing until last week, and then every last seed germinated.  Still amazes me, and so do my Fall roses.  With no wind and just right temps they are beautiful, but soon to leave since the winds are already picking up today with the change in weather this week, but that just means fried green tomatoes and Moonstruck Salad Mix!!  I love the change in seasons...Moonstruck signing out!!

Last Turkeys of the Season

Farm fresh turkey, no hormones, no antibiotics, no injections...just a simple formula of food, water and sunshine. I don't know why they had to mess with it.   My favorite product from the Bashaws.  Be careful they are fresh and naturally lean so they cook fast!  I cooked a 28 pound turkey that was brined in 2 hours!! I almost had a heart attack when I checked it and found it was done!!  It was so moist no one believed me it was done!! The whole family thought turkey had to be dry and tasteless in order to be cooked thoroughly. 

Sorry pick up at the Bashaw Farm Thanksgivign Week is sold out, but there are 30 left to be delivered frozen to your choice of CSA pick up location.  These will be harvested November 5th, and available for delivery starting on Wednesday, November 9th.  Pick ups are Wednesday, Hesperia Super Target Center 3:30-4:30; Thursdays, Phelan Community Center 2:30-3:30; Saturday at Moonstruck farms 9-12 a.m.

Once again thanks for the overwhelming support!! We could not do it without you!! Moonstruck signing out.


Moonstruck Shopping List





Moonstruck Farms



Carnival winter squash $1.50/pound (beautiful green and yellow speckled Cinderella style. Picture on facebook)


Arugula $1.00/small bag.


Cherry belle radishes $0.50 (six)


Beets $1.00 (3 small)


Moonstruck Salad Mix $2.00  (almost there) (Triple Washed mix of baby lettuces, Swiss chard, beet greens, spinach, Arugula and whatever is in season …now nasturium flowers). 


Rainbow Swiss chard $1.50


Braising Greens $1.50

(Mixture of cooking greens including mustards, kales, Swiss Chard, Collards, Beet Greens)


Red Russian kale $1.50


Raveena eggplant (white elongated) $1.00 each


Heirloom Slicing tomatoes $2.00/pound


Cherry tomatoes $1.50/sandwich bag


Cooking Celery  $1.00 (i almost have to pb size!)


Jalapenos 5/$1.00


Carrots $1.00


patty squash 50 cents each


Red cipollini onion bags $0.75 (1/2 pound of small onions)


Shallots (4-5 cloves) $1.00


Basil $0.50 (approx. 3 stems)


Rosemary $0.50


Mint or chocolate mint $0.50


Chives  $0.50

Herb bundle of sage, oregano, thyme and rosemary $1.00


Lavender sachet $1.00


Farm fresh eggs $3.75




Pork Shares Available…approx. 10 pound packages…please ask for details.  Bacon, sausage, pork chops, lunchmeat, ham slice etc.  Package E is now sold out.


Summer Preorder Turkeys (13-18 pounds) $2.50/pound…they are in the freezer and ready for delivery.  If you need a small turkey for thanksgiving grab one of these before they are gone.


Whole turkey pricing

$2.50/pound Fresh, whole.

$4.50/pound Smoked, whole, cut in half or quartered.


Cut portion only pricing

$3.00/pound fresh, leg/thigh


Thanksgiving Turkey Preorder List I have a couple fresh pick up at the farm thanksgiving turkeys available…had a few cancellations. $2.50/pound….two days before thanksgiving. (Fresh are the biggest 20-28 pounds)


There are plenty of turkeys that will be harvested in the month of November and frozen and/or sent to smoker.  $2.50/pound. (approx. 15-20 pounds)


Thanksgiving smoked turkey $4.50/pound. Must be ordered by November 1st.



Whole by the pound in the 4-5.5 pound range



Following Cuts: $3.00/lb.


Chicken Thighs (4 pack)

Glencairn Farm

Glencairn is no spray, no chemical fertilizers…noncertified organic.


Valencia navel oranges (small juice) $0.65/pound

red grapefruit (glencairn grapefruit is very sweet) $0.75 each.

Hass or pinkerton avocados $1.50 each.


More to come…find them at


Valle View Ranch

Steve grows a few vegetables each year.  This year he has the acorn squash and look for his beautiful Cinderella pumpkins soon.


Acorn squash $1.75/pound

yellow peaches $2.00/pound.

Yellow nectarines $2.00/pound



Brian Ranch Orchard


Congratulations to brian ranch for the following awards at the antelope valley fair.  Three first prizes for golden supreme, royal gala and shinko asian pears.  Two second prizes for rosi red bartletts and 20th century asian pears.



Kikusi asian pears           $1.50/pound


Rosi red bartlett pears      $1.50/pound


Bartlett pears              $1.50/pound


Bronze beauty bosc          $1.50/pound (good cooking/canning pear)


Braeburn Apples             $1.50/pound


Golden supreme apples       $1.50/pound


To enjoy what is going on with the fruit at Brian Ranch before it arrives please visit their blog at or go U Pick on the weekend.



Dirt Creek Soaps


Goats Milk Soaps – All Natural Ingredients $3.50

Lavender Rose, Lavender Vanilla, Spearmint Patchouli, Lemongrass/Clary Sage, Green Meadows (basil and citrus oils, it smells very fresh), Summer Spice (Clove, Peppermint and Rose), Citrus, Spring Flowers (floral blend with rose, yiang yiang, palmarosa and lemon), Clean Cut (orange, lemon and geranium), Brianna’s Bouquet (a blend that Brianna put together of rose, bergamot, lavender, juniper berry, amyris and patchouli).


New Scents:

Winter Mint

Warm Woods


Chamomile tea


Valhalla Soaps/Goat Milk

Goat Milk Soaps $4.50

Lavender Rose, Lemon, Cinnamon, Herbs N Egg Shells, Irish Oats N Honey, Lavender Eggshell.




Toners are designed to use on you face as a ph corrector but they double as a non-toxic hand sanitizer.  I keep one in each car and use it after a dusty day working in the yard on my face with a cotton pad.  Some are moisturizing with glycerin added.  The scent comes from infusing with the flowers.


Lavender rose:  witch hazel, alcohol, roses, lavender flowers, glycerin, hisbiscus

Chamomille:  witch hazel, alcohol, chamomile flowers

Four oz spray bottles $6


Buzz-off spray $6.00

To fight those nasty insects:  witch hazel, alcohol, glycerin, plus essential oils.  I use this on my horse and my husband!

Dream Pillows

Little pillows that are pleasantly scented with herbs from my garden, essential oils, and seeds packaged in a silky cloth bag so you can keep them near and breath in the scents as you drift off to sleep.  Mint, Lemon Balm, Lavender and Geranium essential oils

Approx 2 x 8 in  $15

Lip balm

Sunflower, shea, coconut, coco butter, beeswax, vanilla bean, rosehip oil, vit C, E

In a twist off tub, $4.00


Montana Liniment

Rub into sore joints and muscles as needed, moisturizing also, Good for elbows and feet.

2 oz tub, $6.00

Coconut, shea, beeswax, arnica, eucalyptus, clove, lavender, rosemary essential oils


HangTen Skin ointment 

.5 oz tins $4.00

Massage into wounds, sore skin, hangnails, etc for soothing healing.

Balm of Gilead, olive, beeswax, juniper, grapefruit oils






Wow it is hard to believe we are cruising so quickly towards Thanksgiving, but here at the CSA farms we are always having to think many months ahead to keep up.  The summer turkeys are almost gone.  There are just a couple between 11-13 pounds; buying these is the only way to get a nice small turkey for those who have small ovens or are having a candlelight dinner for two on Thanksgiving.

Starting the first week of November the first batches of turkeys will be harvested.  Some of these will go to the smoker to be ready in time for Thanksgiving for those of you wishing for a ready to go delicious turkey that just needs a llittle reheating.

We took the last smoked turkey leg/thigh we had the other day and combined it with the bean/lentil/pea mix you buy at Costco, added a few Moonstruck carrots, celery and onion in a crock pot and it made an easy and fantastic tasting meal.

The first of November batches of turkeys will be between 16-25 pounds harvested, and frozen to be picked up at the farm or delivered to a CSA delivery point. 

Now for those who enjoy going to the farm and picking up a fresh turkey a day or two before Thanksgiving there are two slots left.  You will show up when called and take your fresh turkey home...the freshest of all, but of course this is a small farm so only 50 are harvested two days before Thanksgiving.  Remember these turkeys are also for those of us (like me) that need a 25-30 pound turkey for a big Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.  They will range from 20-30 pounds and I feel 100% confident saying it will be the most delicious turkey you have ever tried, but don't forget these are farm fresh lean turkeys....they cook fast.  I brined one one year and our 28 pound turkey cooked in two and half hours!!  Just drop us a line at with any questions.    


Turkey....fresh or smoked!!

Turkeys are coming in fast…the bashaws are harvesting again this week.  I did have to recreate my turkey list (it blew away in a dust devil in Wrightwood) so if you have not heard from me and want a turkey please contact me and we have extra for anyone interested also. they will be delivered between july 20th and july 22nd except for smoked….they take a few extra weeks at the smoker.  just indicate the following:


1.          delivery point of Hesperia, phelan or Wrightwood coop or market.

2.        fresh or smoked.  Fresh is $2.50/pound Hesperia and phelan and $2.75/pound in Wrightwood.

Smoked is $4.50/pound in Hesperia and phelan and $4.75/pound in Wrightwood.

3.        whole, cut in half or quartered.


Thank you for your support.



Moonstruck farms csa




All the moonstruck farms csa farms are working hard, and plants and animals are growing by leaps and bounds including the turkeys!!  The toms were 20-24 pounds….missed the mark, but the animals obviously have a mind of their own and beat all records this time around…I guess that is what clean living does!!  If anyone would like a 20-24 pound turkey whole, cut in half or quartered please let me know…for cut I need to know by 9 am tomorrow…customers on the preorder list have first dibs and then anyone can order as you like.  The hens are being harvested tomorrow and they will be smaller, but there are only 10 or so of those so if everyone on the list chooses for smaller I am afraid you will have to wait for the next batch.  For any new customers we can smoke them too at $4.50/pound so please indicate three things:


1.          whole, cut in half or quartered.

2.        fresh or smoked.

3.        delivery location.


By the way….my lemongrass was only 1 inch last week, and it is over a foot tall now!!!  Wow humidity does really make things take off in the animal and plant divisions!!


Thank you for supporting your local small farmers!!



Moonstruck farms csa



I went to water some transplants in Greenhouse #1 and out of the corner of my eye I saw what was the tail end of a red racer going into some mint so I thought he was hiding there.  On closer inspection there was a hole....he has made his home there.  Great for rodent so great for keeping the heebie jeebies under control.  I guess I will just have to get used to him being there.  More Jerricho Romaine went in today.  The heads in front of greenhouse #2 (protected from the wind by the greenhouse) are huge!!!  Need lots more of that.  As I did the planting diagram I told my husband that I will still need more room eventually and I would like to dedicate the future greenhouses to berries so he agreed to some long running summer beds in front of the long as they are low crops that don't obscure his!!  I harvested a nice bowl of green beans and they were delicious with dinner.  How I wish I had planted more!!  The irrigation issues are under control finally and everything is coming back to life....amazing what happens when you actually water plants!!!  Yikes did that cost me, but all the newly planted lettuce is coming in.  I am going to finish clearing a 100 foot row tomorrow that is partially planted with green beans already and fill in the rest.  Another sweet surprise is the Okra...doing great...turns out it does like slightly alkaline soil.  Starting more collards and sprouting broccoli tomorrow to replace the destroyed trays and soon all we will need is the Fried Chicken!!  Speaking of poultry don't forget to put in your summer turkey orders in they are selling out fast, and I am sure the Thanksgiving turkeys will be sold out by September so don't forget...only doing 200 this year.  Moonstruck signing out.

Bashaw Meats in Full Swing




Small Beef share are available….10-15 pounds each…Just email for more information.



New Pork Shares Available or small approximately 8 pound CSA shares available…email for details.



Summer Preorder Turkeys (10-12 pounds) …August, September, October, November 1st Still Available.



$2.50/pound Fresh, whole, cut in half, or quartered.


$4.50/pound Smoker, whole, cut in half or quartered.



Thanksgiving Turkey Preorder List filling up already…only doing 200 this year…$2.50/pound and picked up FRESH at the farm two days before Thanksgiving.  If you want smoked please specify or if you want a frozen turkey delivered prior to Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas just let me know.  We will process those approximately 3-4 weeks prior to Thanksgiving.



Whole Chickens by the pound in the 3-5 pound range


$2.25/lb. Phelan/Co-Op Delivery


$2.50/lb. Wrightwood Market Delivery



Half Chickens – SOLD OUT



Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts  


$3.50/pound Phelan/WW Co-op and $3.75/pound WW Mkt



Chicken Wings $2.50/lb. Phelan and WW.  (Approx. 4-5 lb bags)



White Meat Portion (Breast/Wing on Bone)


Chicken Breasts on the Bone (2 pack)   SOLD OUT


Chicken Leg/Thigh Combos (2 pack)


Chicken Thighs (4 pack) 


Chicken Legs(4 pack)



All Above Cuts: $2.75/lb. Phelan/WW Co-Op


$3.00/pound WW Market


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