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I picked up Paul again today and he tackled another overgrown row in the new greenhouse while I went and tilled all the compost beds.  #1 Compost is ready to go and two more are not far behind so my multiple pile system is working.  Before I knew it Paul was telling me he was ready for a new task.  I was sorry I could not let him plant the area he cleared the other day so he could enjoy the whole process but in redoing the irrigation and playing with the timing and the cool weather it was way too wet to plant.  If you work your soil when it is too wet you can damage its composition.  I asked Paul to clear another row while I went and tucked in some dill and cilantro seed in the herb garden...rabbits are not eating it this year so why not?? (Yes, it is unguarded).  Before I knew it a whole new area was ready to go, and tomorrow he can plant it.  I am hoping he can stay long enough to put the cantaloupe and watermelon out in the West field, but we will see.  When he was about half way done he said "I saw a frog".  Funny I had commented the other day on how loud that cricket was!!  I guess I should be more focused when listening to my animal friends!!  Just before closing up for the day I wanted to check the irrigation...there were a few dry spots still so in I went with it running.  I found two nonfunctional sprayers, one turned backwards and the main center line was tilting some of the sprayers when the pressure came on...time to secure them.  Once done I ran for the was a nice day but the afternoons winds were picking up and I was soaked to the bone...boy did that shower feel good.  Moonstruck signing off.

I am so close I can almost taste it!!

The website is up where I can see it.  I can see how the reports are set up, but I can't get in and set up the producers!  Ugh!!  Searching for answers.   Not sure if it is a script issue or a problem with the original shareware.  Funny, a provider of this same software called offering their services, but they want 8%!  I don't want to have to pass that on to my customers.  I am in this for the long haul, and I want to do it right from the start.  Of course that seems really funny since I have not been doing things right...the irrigation is wrong, the back end of the greenhouse tore open due to leaving it open, and the weeds are growing so quickly I can't keep up, but that just means back to the drawing board, and start over.  The employees are a tremendous help and now I just need to get this website up and running and it will take at least a few hours off a week from my load, and make your lives easier in ordering.  In the meantime I am planting some Giant Dahlia Zinnias, and more green beans, spinach, lettuce, radishes and the watermelon and cantaloupe are waiting in the wings along with tomatoes and peppers just waiting for this storm to pass.  Off to bed...big day tomorrow and a girl needs her beauty rest ya know. Moonstruck Signing Off!
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