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Prepare for Peas (and peas and peas and peas)

Our farm collective represents the work of three farms, all under the grand tutelage of Ande Schewe, permaculturist extraordinaire. Over at the established Winddance Farm, things are moving along steadily. The asparagus was harvested this week - 7 pounds! The dark leafy greens, lettuces, brassicas & peas are in, and their bright green color shows how much they are loving this rain we've been getting. The perennial medicine wheel herb garden continues to grow and flourish more each year. And the farm had a fun and productive work party last weekend, leaving the newly mulched and weeded beds healthy and beautiful.

Heirloom Homestead shows a different, newer picture. The farmland there has been plowed and tilled for the first time in over ten years! Two and a half acres are waiting to be planted as soon as the rain breaks. And what will be going in there? Peas. Lots of peas. Thousands of pea seeds.

From a permaculturist's perspective, peas are the perfect first crop for this virgin farmland. They will grow fast, and tall, and they will fix the nitrogen in the soil for the later heavy feeders. When they have matured, the peas will be harvested and the plants cut down to become an organic mulch for the many varieties of heirloom melons, tomatoes & peppers to be planted this summer.

So get ready Northside and Madison! There will be peas coming, and they will be looking for loving homes.

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