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When everything goes right

What a beautiful day in southeast Texas. The sunshine, breeze and cooler temps all conspire to draw me into the garden early this morning. The starts are slightly wilted from the high wind yesterday but perk back up with a little water.I pick a few peppers and cut some okra before heading over to the barn.

The cows and goats call to be milked. Opie's udder is a sight to behold, lovely as it is. If only more animals could achieve her perfection. She stands quietly munching her goodies while we milk. I put the machine on Buttercup the Jersey to save some time... she is so sweet I really wish I had the time to hand milk her but I have to get to that pesky day job! One day I will be a full time farmer and I will stay here all day tending my flocks and herds and gardens and orchards but not today. 

Still I am thankful for a day when so much has gone right that no matter what may go wrong I have already had more joy than seems fair.  What a blessing is this farm life.





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