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The Life and Times of a growing family and business
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the weather

Boy 2 weeks ago I got excited and ready for spring.  It made it up to 50. Now it is lucky to hit 20 again.  The last 2 nights we were under a wind chill advisory.  I fired up the brooder, to get ready for some chicks.  I am glad I did not order any. The brooder can barely make it up to 60 right now. We need it to hold at, at least 90. Looks like we might be waiting a little longer. Only 3 weeks till spring though!

The life and times of building a family and business

Hi all,

     This is my first Blog, ever.  So here we go.  Our farm has been around for a few years now but we are struggling to find our niche.  We just had a new baby born February 29th she is home, happy, and healthy.  So our family is growing!! Me, My wife Carrie, 19 month old Liam, and now baby Payton. 

    So after a lot of research, we are going to try to raise pastured Capons (neutered male chickens).  I am a chef by trade and the taste of a Capon is amazing!!  The texture and flavor surpasses any homegrown chicken I have ever had before.  So this year I want to try Capons, Ducks, and Turkeys.  All of which will be pastured and suplmented with natural feed no growth hormones and no antibiotics after the initial batch of feed when they come home from the hatchery. 

     I will keep everyone updated on the family and the chicks when they come.  I am excited about this season and look forward to hearing from everyone. 

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