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Our Great Gardening Experiment 2010

The record high for today--May 19--is 91 degrees (1962). On this same date in 1984, however, Angelica saw temps dip below freezing. After the May we've had this year, we can only cross our fingers for some of the fruit trees that were in full bloom during those plummeting nights a couple of weeks ago.

The good news is that Upstate New York's fertile soil, steady moisture, and relatively stable temperature make for great produce, in spite of its short growing season. Anyone who has ever flown over the Texas Panhandle, for example, knows just how lucky we are. Who could have thought, back in the 1910s when the southern Plains States were homesteaded, that they would ultimately grow their crops only in circles?

While severe drought and extreme heat are rare for growers around here, late Spring frosts sure are reliable. This year, since we're hoping to have salad produce as early as we can get it for our new salad bowl lunches, we are experimenting with growing tunnels.


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